Disney Star Tops 'DWTS' Leader Board: Is Youth an Asset?

Sabrina Bryan discusses "DWTS" leader Zendaya's ascension to first place.
4:30 | 03/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Disney Star Tops 'DWTS' Leader Board: Is Youth an Asset?
♪ Off with your head." Reporter: Pageantry, too. Everyone bout their "a" game to the ballroom. ♪ Call me ♪ Reporter: And for the second week in a row 16-year-old zendaya was on top of the leaderboard. A star is born big time. ♪ Reporter: Nfl star jacoby jones was all energy. That, my friend, was rocking! ♪ Reporter: And kellie pickler nails her smoky jazz dance. Last week was a spark. This week is a fire. ♪ Reporter: Andy dick all in and all heart. Sherri shepherd loved it. Not so hot the jive from victor ortiz and wynonna judd's quick steps was more casual stroll. Dorothy hamill's ankle cost her. She got the lowest scores of the night. It promised but didn't deliver. Reporter: She's still ahead of d.L. Hughley. THE USED ALL THE 4s UP. Have to have a sense of humor. Sabrina, I got to tell you my experts at home have weighed in. Ellie and harper sent me an e-mail. Both jacoby and zendaya get awesomes. I really love kellie pickler, though, as well. I think she did -- I mean she had lines like a dancer you see on other shows that are professional dancers. So -- her extension. I know, it was incredible. I just love the way, you know, derek uses those strengths like so many of the other pros, that just like completely made her light up that stage and -- great cchoreographer. She did so well last week and that was one of the best jives I've seen on the show in a while. I mean I just loved it. 30 miles long. I know. Unbelievable. I mean, that was not my problem. Yeah. Comes out with -- val has always been known as being a good jive dancer. You see him dance with other pros. This for the first time watching him dance with a celebrity like that, oh. Did you notice when tom said something about zendaya's age, he said, oh, imagine how good seal's be when she's 17. Does her age hurt her at all? I don't know if it hurts her. I think that's when you start looking at the fan base. Her fan base is a lot younger. A lot are going to sleep before the show even airs. They watch in the morning. Yeah, exactly. They watch the next morning when the voting goes on and when i was on the show that's what was the biggest thing and even -- last night she even said last night, you know, I started at the top and I don't want -- that just made me want to work harder because you start realizing you've got to get good points because you're not sure what's going on with the voters that's surprising when you got knocked off so early. People are like, what -- I can't see that happening for her. She's just doing so well. How about andy dick. He was so fun. Oh, gosh. So relaxed this week. Truly my favorite performance of the night. I loved watching him. Last week was watching like a little 9-year-old like he was so adorable and this one, to see him just go out there, I mean, he was doing -- it's hard to tell somebody who doesn't dance to crawl around and he got into it. I loved his character. A lot better. He's doing so well. I love the taped piece too when he talked about his struggles just to be there to be dancing to be sober. It was a really touching piece. Who goes home? You know, I know that d.L. Is on the lower leaderboard but he's got my girl cheryl burke with him and everyone knows we love her choreography and loves what she does with her celebrities and I actually think that it's going to be lisa that goes home tonight. Oh. She hasn't -- yeah, I mean i think she's done really well but that's where it comes into play is, you know, cheryl knows how to work it. She knows how to get out there and help her celebrity and so people forget that the pros have a lot of weigh in on who goes and who stays every week. Just take the shirt off. Right, it's a test. We'll all find out tonight. "Dancing with the stars" results show 9:00, 8:00 central on abc. Thank you, sabrina. Thank you.

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{"id":18813462,"title":"Disney Star Tops 'DWTS' Leader Board: Is Youth an Asset?","duration":"4:30","description":"Sabrina Bryan discusses \"DWTS\" leader Zendaya's ascension to first place.","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-results-disney-star-zendaya-tops-dwts-18813462","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}