Andy Dick's Dance Brings 'DWTS' Judges to Tears

"Dancing With the Stars" alum Kyle Massey discusses performances from Week 4.
5:00 | 04/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Andy Dick's Dance Brings 'DWTS' Judges to Tears
Reporter: Each couple danced for the best year of their life, there were tears. Reporter: And all kinds of emotion. ♪ Reporter: Olympic daughter ALLEY RACEMAN EARNED THREE 9s, This season's highest score. Forget about "titanium," you're going for gold, my darling. ♪ super bowl champ jacoby jones had sass footwork and a foxtrot for his son. ♪ Reporter: A passionate vienne viennese waltz for sean lowe brought the audience to their feet and zendaya. The way you work that music, they better watch their back. Reporter: Kellie pickler danced the rumba to a serenade from her husband. Andy dick danced his heart out for his daughter. It was like the simplest poem. Reporter: D.L. Hughley redeemed himself with his hips. ♪ But keep me -- after a week of illness lisa vanderpump rallied at the last minute and finished her cha-cha. What you've been through you did a very good job. All right. Kyle massey, has already gotten started. You were a runner-up your season. Boy, a lot of bawling. A lot of tears. Waterworks. Why do people get emotional. Being the only female judge on "dancing with the stars," i guess, you know, she really just gets caught up in the moment and feels for these people because she watches them go from not dancers and not really caring to really meaning a lot about this dance. I really think you do. Again, it speaks to -- you can't just judge people about where they come from and how hard they're working. Absolutely. There's just so much more than the dance thing. Like people just see the dance thing part of it but these stars really go through a lot. When we're in the dance studios, a lot of footage you don't see of us pulling our hair out or trying to pull our partner's hair out. The first for you, d.L. That was legendary. Those hips, look at that. At that desk. Yes, d.L., Go for it. I love it. He should hump more desks around -- okay, okay. Morning tv, kyle. Kyle, as a former "dancing" you said 1 years in the disney family. Do you feel a kinship with zendaya. Yeah, being I feel like I'm old-school disney, even though i have an animated show on, it's so good to see the younger crowd. She's great. She's amazing. Not only amazing dancer, actress, singer and has an amazing partner, val. I don't know about -- that was great. I think he gets it from his brother. They just have that edge to go for it. Always get something directly to their partners. Do youly aly raisman as a little advantage, unfair with her tumbling? To tell you the truth there's no advantage to it. You should use it. Anything that gives you the competitive edge. So many people are fighting for prime positions and there can only be one winner. When I was on the show I did everything I could to stand out. If I could do that I probably would do it in a second. Exactly. I love how when you're at the desk. Do you have a favorite? I hate to pick favorites because you just never know, you know, but val and sendzendaya are an awesome pair. Aly is -- you never know. You never know like -- the other way, bottom last night was lisa and she fainted this week. So that was pretty bold that she stayed in it. She didn't give up. That was unbelievable. I never witnessed anyone pass out. As you can see from her partner. He doesn't think it's real. These are the moments that are actually scary. It is a competitive show and a tv show but these are these flashes of real moments. Real tears and -- so incredibly hard. Absolutely. Grueling to your body. Grueling to my body and I was a little pudgier when I was on there but just being like older and just really trying to do this because you want to do something different. You got to convince these people they're doing an amazing job. Thanks for coming on.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"\"Dancing With the Stars\" alum Kyle Massey discusses performances from Week 4.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18913211","title":"Andy Dick's Dance Brings 'DWTS' Judges to Tears","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-week-andy-dick-daughter-dance-brings-18913211"}