Danny McBride talks season 2 of 'Vice Principals'

McBride appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' and shares how real-life events may have inspired the show's quirky storylines.
21:20 | 09/20/17

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Transcript for Danny McBride talks season 2 of 'Vice Principals'
They're caring for injuries people after turn out like two weeks ago beside you. But put all my way to my hip I could collapse my legs would explode and fall off. Bush managed to deal with yes thank you you know wouldn't even be this far along in my recovery if you were my live in nurse do the best rate. I mean that. Gilles stop putting food in your face and each to prepare me a plate of breakfast was to diners there's. I'm not your servant Neal killed when ray offered for me to stay here to recuperate with all that he befallen me. That was a very kind gesture wasn't just me the last OK art when rain Janelle offer for me to recover here that was a kind gesture but you know what would your sassy little look scale you're ruining that gesture guy she's ruining your gesture. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers this is popcorn where we tell you what's property in the culture and people I'm telling vice principal is back. Danny McBride mag yesterday who is by principal Neal damn B while he was principal for thirty seconds but. He's vice principal and that shows back and HBO and gang is right here so welcome so thank you yes it is. That time front as that is over the fun is done on he's done. I'm right to put my foot in science you know you know I've never got to ask you this because when you were Kenny powers there was a hole of the things go me but. There's something wonderfully appealing about Neil DMB and he is. A whole nexus which is part of his nature. And that you can write him. And you play him. Yes so is this you. Everybody wants to do not. You know what it's it's it is it me but I Osama as a writer. Writing good guys this is boring you know is if it sizing them through and yes it's more fun to light. Present the audience was somebody. I think that's flawed has issues and figure out a way to still make people's sort of understand what they're all well. Flawed is is understating. The problems with the I Witten the only. Yes I'm that are there. You don't like we when we we wrote the show was supposed to be like you know eastbound is like a weird meditation on ego. And this is a meditation on leadership you know it's so we really. We broke those two characters down like there's two. Ways someone can lead you know they can they can be Smart enough to sort of know what to say to people and and that's Lee Russell. And there can be leaders that are double enough to say what they. And that also is a good way to leave him so that both these guys sort of exploring those elements of the leader. That's why kind of trust me oh. He is a very different person Kenny powers he but. Basically I say I trust him because he just doesn't. That thing in his DNA. Where he can he just as to express what pissing him off. He's like artists to a fault yet Elena and added trips him up and his own life he yet he does know. There's nothing about doesn't understand how that just keeps certain things themselves and Kenny I feel it was as someone who he wasn't even aware that he was the sort of but he is in and I think you'll unfortunately is aware of how it comes off and that's the tragedy is that he doesn't hurt that way. Yeah. Teasing him you know about any of that fat win a third thing and a it hurts things. If that's all that's going on. But at the end of the last season there you walk you can't. After you in the torturing the principle you eat so. Certainly means you're just terribly brutal. And didn't. Anyone in the parking. With this guy in the warrior ask. Shooting hitting shots until it was still Lucia chase you know toll now I assume that you're here that you're such a method they knew they lose pay back. That you wouldn't have been allowed yourself to be shot hagee not actually yeah I'm right demanded real bullets rifles and yeah I know it and there but now he's back. Yup he's back that much we can say it would oil yet he is back but he's wounded he's not as powerful as he once was. Well I've watched it and I've found out almost certainly will. I think he definitely the he's doing. But with that always in your mind did Jody and everybody when you were doing this that you're gonna do kind of group shot JR version. Yeah you know like for us who was this idea of just like playing with the format of television you know we you're imagine what we want to follow east come up with. Where the idea of just doing another show was gonna go on and on and on to studios like you know that's everybody's doing right now let's article was something that's a little bit more precise and something that has more from beginning middle and and and and that's really adamant with each feel it really what does this is eighteen episodes and we're going to. Make this story pay off an eighteen episodes and so. When he docking time to forward divide that story happened sort of have our mission yeah that shooting seem like a pretty good placed kind of put the brakes on things for well. Impact puts creative that I don't know. He's actually happening or what will happen can't predict it. Don't really now yeah that that that is honestly what Lawler you know when we wrote this as we were as a feature originally. And that was the problem that Jodi nine hat with that was that it felt too predictable when he's when you had a jammed the story into an hour and a half. If you could see a lot of the moves coming and once we opened it up and like sorts of sports cares more it really did make it where you you know. We we hope that the audience has no clue where it's going you don't even really know as size of or who your even rooting for what you even want to have happen and so. That's sort of our our goal with this. Will you guys always pissed off people he how do you react to it when you get is some of the I can predict that people do this stuff and then other times. I can't idea don't know yet in terms of Brenda it's the to view our racist because you're peaking on a powerful black woman. Yes that that's also we will transit but you know that's how people translate the world relive and it's like everyone doesn't see everything happens seemingly all. Different experiences but I conflict that can't make you not tell a story about something I think as. You know writer and actor anything I think you just have to kind of know that what you're doing comes from pure place and comes from a you know you know a place that. Fuels and it's worth discussing and talking about so. To me the idea that these guys are you know in engage this terrible behavior it's not an excuse for its not shrine issue. Life you know justify anything needs is a story about people who did something terrible and and that's the world that we live in the mean people act the way that they should people don't make choices they ship them. I food that's more relieved of dollars a little bit of an opportunity to have an understanding there as opposed to just present these guys. As just being squeaky clean and were all there for the hijinks I think it opens up to a deeper discussion that's nothing more interesting. Who is most offended by what you and me went to meet my parents probably don't. Slightly we readies this did we have to go to work see people. And discuss this. You know like I honestly I don't want ought to read reviews but I really olden I've really got away from and my job here ivory. You know I think it's it's dangerous to go down that well some and sometimes. If you're creating something because. Like this thing as humans some costly if you get patted on the back for something YouTube viewers your some costly going to go for that positive reinforcement. And if you file that you slap on the wrist you might just Alter what you would do and so. It was part of why we wrote all of these as one as one all brutally two episodes before we even shot anything in. And now a lot of that had to do with that as we felt like. Even with the eastbound it's like with each season you'd hear the stuff people like you didn't like it it would affect what you decide to do next season and so. With this relentless is right at all as once we can't be affected by people's opinions of his via an honest story. I remember Utah on this story years ago when you first inning span the depth. Was that your grandmother yet you it was watching it in assisted living. Yet what was that it was at a retirement community Donald Florida yet she said they think they put her dog and then. All of the ladies like your bridge club whatever like Meister they'll like how to stop talking. Ought to grant ten wanted to just a wonderful they were jealous Alley to think the other sons their grandsons and have a wonderful sense of humor. He would want. It's worked and that something is working in out. When your kids are too young to be watching it today with five provinces. Wait at least a next year yet. I think three yeah it is that time mrs. departing junket. You often do eight and drinking and we weigh yourself I think you late in this is the end. Beautiful version yeah yeah you know just you know warm and cuddly. And you put yourself in the disaster artists yes coming now. And none of these versions view he how cloaked. I'm trying to find the real artists is just like in interviews that is that is me but even this is the edits but it would set the those guys Davis public we wrote this part it was in themselves. He surreal it is these guys he uses might act. I. Who is really you basically a tea drinker at 4 o'clock who drinker or who who. You know we've seen as funny you know reads talks are yup that's me and announced you know attract. Now who aria it will now I've talked to enough time that I now need to know to know the result you were created in what place. And then what's that two out into the world being you. I don't know I'm. You know I mean I think all these characters are like an extension of my sense of humor in the kind of stuff a find humorous. But I think with that nobody in their retirement home yet with feeling they weren't don't know that was my target on that thing. But. You know I think like with these characters I might share of the same sense of just like dreaming of like having ambition or goal that I've always wanted to do it. No arouse a kid I always wanted to make movies that was you know ever Munich. Remember when my parents like dot cable when I was like second grade I would like go with my family to pay the cable bill because I thought that was like we're TV was made was like. In that had them. They're trying to look inside it isn't just one person behind a desk and there wouldn't what is that and you're still doing. Singleton is that I still think it's all there. But. I mean. You know I feel like. Now I just like to have a good time and I like to laugh and disabled what are your parents hurt or would they just a worried. No they are encouraging they were they were always encourage I made good grades in school I didn't ever legitimately trouble. And yes they were outlook Wetzel wanted to get into go to film school than ever like push back on that they were like supportive of it and now something they're surprised that it turned out the wasted your mom doing something with with topics yeah you know what I I grew up in a very religious household. And so my mom they have to be hard pressed yet. We've turned our back on the church of years ago after. But my mom did like puppet ministries of Seattle this puppets and human right the puzzling me yeah it's pretty crazy as the level those puppets. There in a box in my closet front on the right. There it was with things like people just like with regular peed yeah until the the I'm assuming I don't know she didn't build them she does she built the stage that they there was a PBC's stage with. Like she sang Everett but the puppets of assuming from a cataloged something called. This and look at this kind of thing would spare you years if there be I think. You know those puppets. That were basically preaching the good work that it where they work you know. And then you went terribly wrong the direct or maybe all this terrible stuff is ultimately. Preaching the good word and me may be easy and that's good news you know. You corrected to sleep with anything that I took it to come. Well oh yeah. You believe you think it will. It's gotten so I'm thinking OK what do these pockets. It's were onstage before you wanted word yet they were that's who I was was certainly seem to be like them that they have agents. They should they would have probably lasted longer than would have gotten out of that you know the youth ministry probably earlier committed to the big time. The new born in Georgia yup raised in Virginia race in Virginia. So if everything good then with everything is gonna Virginia my parents still live there. And I I just moved down to Charleston, South Carolina. In July like we shot. Vice principals there with you know David and union all the guys that work with it we all. Yeah we all have kids now and we all we're live in missiles were Austin's who was wearing Los Angeles and we've had such guitar and Alan Charles and that. Real Texas and Charleston. This hurricane pat idea is that she one of the relentless go to there. Grant says that we did it removed there and all the guys that work with move there and so now that's what we're trying to said the park campus this make it easier and we need to do you do way. From the whole Washington's New York I think it definitely does I every time we would do anything we always would take it outside of LA we'd always go back to North Carolina our. You know east don't on the Puerto Rico slot was always working out of LA I think only works in LA like twice on two movies and that's it. And so that's what kids are getting older too ledges I knew that I wasn't going to be able to keep doing this device that men how to keep leaving for six months out of the year and so. We saw an opportunity to like go to another state and strokes help them build their film community in and go get something going down there. But when you were in school I'm trying to get now Q who inspired. Knee and they I don't know what I'm creating a what kind of teachers and principals and vice principals did you that. Is this any real life in here because the puppet thing is now making. Now your mind set and Ed everything everything's connected at something it. I think that would any idiot every writer I think it's there their work is connected to their history I'm sure in some way. Because you wouldn't choose the subject matter the didn't like. There wasn't something deep in their elected interest you. I guess what this you know while I was a substitute teacher of that talk to about that before I did before that he spelled I was substitute teacher and our which is fascinated with the idea of stories that took place in school because. I had you know obviously in the school's student and had no idea or no concept there was all this other stuff happening. You know in the teacher's lounge in in its indictment is very rare to have these. Places were so many people that are different have to be under one roof and there's all these things that are happening that like one whole section of the people have no idea that. With the teachers are going through the teachers don't we have any idea what the students are going through it. You know it just seemed like an atmosphere to be a wheel to light. Create something very different types people together and also kind of feels like he could be looked down as the kingdom you know that that's. What class are battling overs ultimately. Well thrown you know we'll. Isn't it all power all power you know. But basically what it is the whole idea of that criticism about the racism does make sense to me when basically these guys should think. If their principal. Everything's going to be. Everything written right itself 100% and that is what it's about as it's a valve that it's about. This idea of what people think that there rode him what people think that other job we'll fix shortcomings in their own lives and how far they're willing to try to do that you know. You did something recently it was made you're in an alien yup you know alien comedy directed by Ridley Scott announced our Ridley Rick. Crazy. Did you have to fight your way handed. A child like that they don't just out of bumble my way to us film I know how about the relief package and union I think you can't fumble. The it. I just got a phone call from that he wanted to sit down and meet and I wasn't even sure what it was even in relation to and so big fan of Kinney power I guess so I knew that I knew from from Seth Rogen that he had seen. Pineapple Express had said that they had heard from him that he really enjoyed that so. I was aware that he had seen something that I was in Bada. I team is sat down with the Manama you know what to film school on the were you know among the span of his. And it was crazy I was sitting there in a meeting with him and talking to alone talking to be telling stories about Kubrick and we're just having this cool kind of film buff. Our conversation. At any disciples mr. over and pulls up his big book of conceptual drawings and he's like showing me this space ship with sails on it and how like. How these things work and what NASA is working on the similar to this and he puts the next page there's just as you know more far Manama is talking to me about aliens that what this is about. And that he didn't know anything I have no clue what it was about and so that I was just like I couldn't believe that that was what the meeting was four and then. They sent me the script and I was just like this is a base in them getting to read what happens next to think. If you have I don't get it this will be incredible plot. This used him ship you off. Not that he can get big trouble there you know which is what you do you know it. But is it like being in some kind of fantasy that you it totally blew up around that you're there everything was in it but Sigourney Weaver. It's totally so true and it's like he I didn't know what their production would be like it would be something where you're on there and it's all just green screen you know or or what. And you go there and he's built the sets of urea and you're in like you know of the main bridge of the covenant in its build your walking around it touching everything that's there and there's part of the film raft like flies to cure for flights this Lander down this cargo Lander to light. Try to you know helped rescue these people that are stuck on that plan it and you know I go to the set for that they're shooting outside and he's they built that ship and its on. Like a gamble that goes up like fifty feet in the air and in his all you know moving around and coming down I mean and I just sat there for week just like strapped into this thing going up and down and it was on real who's sitting in freaks Disney. Ever tablet look around I would like kind of attitude pitcher this month that people are gonna believe that I was in this and one well but it's it will come out in the movie theater currency and then on the other because. What about the Iranian I think it's now Yahoo! deal with that he do you we have a relationship with the enemy and I did I would it took feeling out to dinner nightly and talked about how we can by the impromptu some new scenes. Rea both the first stop I went to when I got to the set the first time in the ruling showing me around. Also where's the creature shop gonna go see what those guys are doing saw what we I was walking around there check you know all of that stuff which is so fascinating and yeah like Ridley even when like the alien pursues you there's like you guys like six foot five a contortions as in why an alien suit. Running after you down the hallways in its Italian skier is very scary near yours they'll like yeah this is just a movie whatever but newseum. Com and Google product. It usually. You take him. And and well I'm going to ask you to express yourself as that oh he's due at the end of the show in song. In songs are what you've done it. Haven't you put it out of your mind but I. It's out there somewhere because you know where it spiral and it should be again. Maybe it's the song that is going through Neal DMB said. All during the time. From his being shot. Until he was conscious again. And getting back into the world to do. You want me to sing a song said. He's so that. It's always thing. A singular always sing with us anything. I have I can show you mile every I think he he it is he doesn't really like songs he just thinks the like military. Drum corps marches that's what that's what how are we getting that from exactly so you point aka that I wouldn't. Have argued that. Gaming round I need to geared don't sweat this political twinkle little star that is not what they're. He thing and did every father's things there. It's very gory ABC I'd love it would I don't I don't hear it done by you look at would take a new means okay and. ABC VE FG. H I JK element OP. Hugh. TU VWX. Line C. Now I know my ABC's. Nancy that site with me a one act play was. Let purchased. Saying tour de.

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{"id":49980527,"title":"Danny McBride talks season 2 of 'Vice Principals' ","duration":"21:20","description":"McBride appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' and shares how real-life events may have inspired the show's quirky storylines. ","url":"/GMA/video/danny-mcbride-talks-season-vice-principals-49980527","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}