Dead Oarfish Revive Myth About Earthquakes

Scientists are trying to determine if these fish sightings can serve as a predictor for earthquakes.
1:14 | 10/22/13

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Transcript for Dead Oarfish Revive Myth About Earthquakes
Rumblings in the deep could -- causing -- rare sea creatures come ashore in California. Two or fish washed ashore Southern California last week enough scientists are looking under urban legends of animals. Being able to predict the next big earthquake. Japanese lore says that or fish surfaced and -- themselves as a sign of an impending earthquake. Fourteen. Of -- serpent like -- washed a short Japan in March 2010. -- a year before the big earthquake in 2011. But scientists have had no evidence that these bottom dwelling fish since movement in seismic fault lines. There's a big difference between suggesting something like that and actually proving what did an animal sense what did it feel that we didn't feel that told us about a coming -- But proving that is exactly what scientists want to do animals on land like dogs have shown their keen sense -- predicting tremors. That elephants sensed something and went uphill. In in Indonesia in India and other countries -- really. And that is why geologists like pat Abbott are trying to -- or -- anger more closely trying to -- superstition. The super science.

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{"id":20647081,"title":"Dead Oarfish Revive Myth About Earthquakes","duration":"1:14","description":"Scientists are trying to determine if these fish sightings can serve as a predictor for earthquakes.","url":"/GMA/video/dead-oarfish-revive-myth-earthquakes-20647081","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}