Deals and Steals: The best bargains on beauty products

ABC News' Tory Johnson brings deals of up to 55 percent off on makeup, skin care and more beauty products.
4:55 | 03/23/17

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Transcript for Deals and Steals: The best bargains on beauty products
she's going to show Sara and I all these beauty bargains up to 55% off. You got is, baby. You ready? I'm ready. Our stylists are already working. Our glam squad. Elena and Lisa are making Tessa an Andrea even more gorgeous. I learned something from you about this. Here we go for everyone else. This is brand-new at sephora. I fell in love created by a woman sick of lugging around a heavy makeup bag everywhere she went so she created these products that have first a magnetic cap so you don't lose the -- the product doesn't fall apart in your bag then what's cool is high performance formulas combined with a tool all in one. So you've got your foundation stick there. So there you go. That's not quite his color. And then you rub it in there so there's eight different things to choose from. The color actually works. With the hairline. With the hairline. Concealer, eye pencils, eye shadow, lip. They've got you covered. If you want that compact for on the go, gym, travel, small purse, whatever it is. Normally $24 to $34. Everything from them slashed in half. Love it. So this one I will let you do the honors to show him just how soft this is. Okay. These brushes are super soft. That is soft. Vegan cruelty-free, amazing brushes from them. I like the pink gold. The pink gold one is pretty fabulous so there's a variety of sets to choose from or individual brushes depending on your needs. They range from $12 to $75. Brushes are everything. Very soft. Slashed in half, $6 to $37.50. Oh, my gosh. Perii. Cone M.D. Dr. Perricone, dermatologist created clinically tested for proven results. This guy doesn't mess around. All about healthy aging so every one of these products is for a specific feature on your face depending what you're interested in. No, don't use it on the dog. Contouring, our irishing, lifting skin's appearance, all the things we all want, Dr. Perricone gives it to you in a bottle. This stuff is not always affordable. So normally $45 to $162, but today we've slashed it all in half, $22.50 and $81 and Dr. Perri many cone is throwing in free shipping. So dry cracked itchy skin, not fun for anybody. Ultra rich -- you got the lip balm. I'm not doing lip balm. I was giving him hand cream. Is it sealed? Sorry, Michael. I got you covered here. Ultra rich hand cream. This he's got great products even for kids and adults with eczema. Really specialized treatments from skinfix. Don't mind them. You got a little too much there. $5 to $24. Everything slashed in half. $2.50 to 12 bucks. Super serious fabulous skin care products. Smells good. Another great one -- so what I love about this line, they've taken all kinds of ancient traditions for skin care. Bath salts. Yes. Bath oil, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs. Pop them in a bath. Foaming shower gel. I mean, they make really terrific products affordable too. $12 to $22, slashed in half, $6 to 11 bucks and tanning. Self-tanning. This is luxurious self-tanning. Maybe the one thing -- Reverse our modeling. So, and what's fabulous, that's the two to three-week collection so lasts -- oh, my gosh, Sara, you're getting payback. Exfoliator is key. Moisturizing exfoliator is key to a long lasting tan. Oh, no, oh, no. Normally $30 to $120 depending what you choose. Everything slashed by 50 to 55%. $50 to $49. You can barely tell us apart. I'm sorry. Tory. Sorry, Tory. You guys are crazy. I mean, good luck with that. You better use this exfoliator to get that off before you have an uneven tan. All of the products are sensational and our glam squad is really sensational. Yes, they are. Alina and Lisa making everybody look fab. Thank you. Everybody in our audience you're

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"ABC News' Tory Johnson brings deals of up to 55 percent off on makeup, skin care and more beauty products. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46312781","title":"Deals and Steals: The best bargains on beauty products","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-best-bargains-beauty-products-46312781"}