Deals and steals: The best summer gadgets for $20 or less

Tory Johnson brings discounts of up to 73 percent off on everything from waterproof pouches for your phone to trendy fanny packs.
4:33 | 06/22/17

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Transcript for Deals and steals: The best summer gadgets for $20 or less
where everything is $20 or less and Tory Johnson is here and the deals start at just $4. Are you ready? I am. So first up from "Shark tank" aqua ball. This is one of their brand-new products. When you are near water, sand, dirt, elms, anything and your phone can't get ruined, you want an aqua vault so you can put it right in there. Waterproof. Up to 15 feet and then what you can see is the phone totally works, right through this device. Ah. If you are going on a boat, if you are going to a pool, anything around water, sand, dirt, you want one of these aqua vault, normally $20. Slashed in half, $10 for aqua vault. Next up, aquis. Open that one up. Take a look at how big that S going on an adventure, no space for bulky towels. This is the largest size, this is the towel that will dry faster, it is lightweight. It is easy to pack. Super small and because it will dry quickly you can pop it back in your bag whether surfing, skiing, boating, beach, pool, yoga, exercise. You got it, three different sizes. Please tell me I don't have to fold it back up. You do not. We have people to help with that. Normally depending on the three sizes you choose 15 to 30, all of these slashed in half, 7.50 to $15. Okay. So these are all from Hampton forge knives. So whether you are moving into a dorm, suite, starting your first apartment or just need to add to your own existing collection, a massive assortment, steak knives, kitchen knife, flatware. Something for every specific need. This is a great time to stock up because phenomenal price, normally these range from 30 to $75. Everything is slashed by 50% to 73% so all of them are 15 to 20 buck. 15 to 20 bucks. Okay, so I'm really into this. So this is beads. Million of workers wear an I.D. To work and instead of having to have an ugly lanyard, you can have a fancy one. Ribbon, beaded. Here's a retractible if you have to -- if you've got to scan -- there you go. He looks like you, coincidence. Everyone from our graphics team. This one is super cool started by a pediatric nurse. She had to wear her I.D. Her daughter said, momma, you should have a fancier one and made it beaded. All of her colleagues loved them so she started a company to do this and so these are great. There's also -- we have eyeglass holders, as well. Big, big assortment. Kind of something for every day of the week, any kind of tile that you want. These range from $8 to $20. Affordable to begin with. We slashed them in half $4 to 10 bucks. Macrame bracelets, a fun blink for summer. These are fun year round. Pave crystals. Adjustable either one to two stones plus online you'll find a big assortment of more jewelry. Summer scarfs. Normally 56 to $61. These are all slashed by 67%. 18 to 20 bucks for all of them. Okay, so I'm kind of in love with this. We've got two, come on in here, Lucy and Ariel will help us from lulu dharma. Not your granny's fanny packs but super fabulous hip packs. Lucy told me she is going to Europe in two weeks and was looking for something like this. So we've got her hooked up. Ariel is a runner. Had she's not running -- I love that style of wearing it cross body extra. There you go. Look here, you step in. We have a third model here to tell you this. Clip it in the back. There is an available extender and have rfid lining so these will protect -- you're going away too. I like that look. Five different colors, these are available online. Normally $42. These are slashed by 52%. 20 bucks and really the rfid lining is a terrific addition because it will protect your credit card data from fraud. Oh, really. Got the lining. Cool when you turn it to the side. I don't know how you do it but you continue to do it and want to thank our partners on these deals. Get all the details on our website and coming up "Transformers" star Josh duhamel

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"Tory Johnson brings discounts of up to 73 percent off on everything from waterproof pouches for your phone to trendy fanny packs. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48194894","title":"Deals and steals: The best summer gadgets for $20 or less","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-best-summer-gadgets-20-48194894"}