Diana Nyad Revisits Greatest Triumphs in 'Find a Way'

The record-breaking swimmer reveals her personal story in a heartfelt new book.
3:57 | 10/20/15

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Transcript for Diana Nyad Revisits Greatest Triumphs in 'Find a Way'
World champion swimmer Diana nyad has a revealing new book. It's called "Find a way." What do you feel when you look out and you see this body of water? I feel it's my place, when I look at that ocean between Cuba and Florida and this Hudson river in Manhattan, these were the waters where I learned my life lessons. These waters taught legendary marathon swimmer Diana nyad to dream big and no matter what, find a way, a mantra now the title of her book. "Find a way." That was your battle cry. The world said it's impossible. No one will ever do this swim. Out of the question but I was still a believer. Reporter: That unwavering determination pushed her to become the first person ever to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. Diana nyad, she got into the east river at 11:35 today. Reporter: She made her name as a competitive swimmer captivating new yorkers with her 28-mile swim around Manhattan in 1975. It's interesting as we're sitting here by this body of water which 40 years ago at the age of 26 you came swimming by here. That was a day of glory, the sun was gleaming and I was thinking this island is mine that day. Reporter: That triumph catapulted her into stardom and in 1978, she attempted to swim from Cuba to Florida, stopping midway. After a 30-year hiatus she made three more failed attempts and each time exhaustion, dehydration or jellyfish stings. What does it feel like to be stung by a box jellyfish? I went into spinal cord paralysis. I was screaming like my body was in hot burning oil. Reporter: Hearing all that some people will say, why? Why would you put yourself through that. Yeah. Why? There is a feeling of character that builds when you say I'm not a quitter no matter how cold, no matter how tough. No matter how much pain, even the box jellyfish, my spirit is bigger than that. Reporter: And in 2013 she found a way. Then 64-year-old Diana successfully completed one of the longest open ocean swims in history. Never ever give up. This journey was so long and arduous that that moment of triumph on the beach was personal and had that ego gratification to it but it was much bigger than that for me and those thousands of people there that day, they were weeping because they saw someone and a team who wouldn't give up. Reporter: The memoir chronicles her career and life's challenges including overcoming the trauma of childhood molestation. As together and as happy and privileged as I am, it's still an imprint. I have to admit that even all these years later, all these wonderful experiences later there is an injured little girl in there still. Reporter: Did you hesitate about putting it in the book. I put everything. I put all my raw honest self in it and I couldn't do any more. Reporter: Diana has gone on to win countless awards, hosted charity swim and most recently showed off her moves on "Dancing with the stars." So what is next for Diana nyad? What has really made my life what it is is being physically fit. We've become a largely sedentary society with a doctor from Arizona state, his big new phrase is sitting is the new smoking and so next summer, my buddy Bonnie and I, we're going to walk cross country. Reporter: What do you want your message to be for those picking up feidin santana? Life is short. It is fleeting. Why not live it big. Reporter: Sitting is the new smoking. That's why she's going to get a million people to join her to cross country walk. Every single day, more than

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"The record-breaking swimmer reveals her personal story in a heartfelt new book.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34595629","title":"Diana Nyad Revisits Greatest Triumphs in 'Find a Way'","url":"/GMA/video/diana-nyad-revisits-greatest-triumphs-find-34595629"}