Distracted Mom's Confession Goes Viral

One mother's admission that a trivial email almost cost her daughter's life is causing a stir.
4:05 | 10/21/13

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Transcript for Distracted Mom's Confession Goes Viral
A powerful post from a mom blogger. Absolutely vishl. She tells a scary story about how the distraction of a trivial e-mail almost took her daughter's life. Linzie janis has the details. Last week, I almost killed my daughter. Reporter: It's the blog grabbing the attention of tens of thousands of readers online. I could have been responsible for her drowning. Reporter: Jennifer's article about the moment she left her 3-year-old daughter alone in the bath while she went to check an e-mail, has hit a nerve. I put her in the tub. Started to fill up. I went to find my son. Saw the ipad. Heard the little ping in the e-mail from a friend. I felt compelled to respond to it. She had been alone in the tub for 2:00. Reporter: By the time she had gotten back to the bathroom, little ruby fell fast asleep leaning up against the side of the tub. I felt like I couldn't breathe. If I had tried to squeeze in one more thing. It haunted me to think about what could have happened. Reporter: Luckily, ruby was fine. But mom, who is pregnant with her third chald, said it was a wakeup call. How many e-mails can I send? What else can I get done? Almost being incapable of single tasking. The ability to do one thing well, or even two things well, or two things that matter well is where I feel like I have been struggling lately. Reporter: The outpouring online suggests she's not alone. One person writing, thank you for writing this, so very brave. Another, we all need to slow down. Two-thirds of the accidental drown igs take place in a bathtub. So parents don't realize how common this can actually be. I think jennifer's story is a great cautionary tale. Reporter: She's making an effort to focus less on her devices anytime she's with her kids. And let's get more now with dr. Jen ashton. You saw the reaction. A lot of people looking, there but for the grace of god. Absolutely. I see it in my patients all the time. I have women coming in for gyn exams, and their phones are blowing up. They don't have a second. They have to do several things at the same time. Whether it's physically or emotionally, knowing that you're not fully in the moment. It's difficult. You said you experienced it. I did this with my first child. I left my son when he was 10 weeks old, inadvertently in a car for ten minutes in the summer. Earn got out of the car thinking we each at the baby. We were going to see president clinton, by the way. We wanted to get a view, we were all standing there and said, where's the baby. Wow. It can happen. Your heart must have been pounding. It was the worst feeling many my life. I know I had a moment with sarina at a playground. All of a sudden, you look up, she's at the top of the jungle gym. You thing, wow. How did she get to the top? My mother got distracted by "general hospital." I get distracted by sonny all the time. My wife wouldn't let me bathe my kids except for a tupperware tub thing. You think, if I turn away for a minute. I thing that's time -- I agree. I'm trying to follow my own advice. When you come home, try to set a cell-free time. Put the phone away. We have to realize our kids are watching us. They're paying attention to what we're saying and doing. We don't want them to see us constantly buried. Unplug. They mimic our behavior. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"One mother's admission that a trivial email almost cost her daughter's life is causing a stir.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20632565","title":"Distracted Mom's Confession Goes Viral","url":"/GMA/video/distracted-moms-confession-viral-20632565"}