Dress Code Debate Heats Up Around the Country

The New York Times highlights middle schools that are beginning to make dress codes stricter.
4:49 | 06/16/14

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Transcript for Dress Code Debate Heats Up Around the Country
we're in far treat. Thanks, Lara. And the growing battle in schools what girls should and shouldn't wear. How middle schools are making rule on clothing, cracking down on shorts that are too short, tank top shirts too thin, the more-developed are being pulled out. And how cracking down makes them -- it teaches them that some are appropriate. I think maybe the boys not able to hand it. If you want to teach your daughter to be respectful of her body. It's distracting to everybody. Uniform means uniform. To me, it's about learning. It gives the kids less to think about, so they can focus on what's important in school, school work. They wear uniforms every day. Thank you. It is the easiest thing in the morning. Really takes pressure off the kid, off the student. They don't have to think about it. And pressure off the parents. All way around. We all agree, what does America think? Do you think there should be dress codes in schools. 92% said yes, 8%, no. And also in the heat index, Shea lean wood lee, opening up about her insecurities as an actress. And you have to see this, it's burning you have the box office. But revealing in "Vanity fair," thinking she was awful at acting after her role was cut from the "Amazing spider-man 2". And she knows everything happens for a reason even if her ego doesn't like it. She was a breakout star. And people were like, what are you going to do next? And she internalized it, and put a lot of pressure on herself. I love her words. I think so many young women, my daughter idolizes her. She's insecure too, she struggles, her identity and worth. That sends a good message -- She's not afraid to push forward. But she's going -- Right. She's not going to give up. We are all rooting for her. We are. She's abilitied. Also in the heat index, how much is too much to share in your college admissions essay? Uh-oh. This is the most-e-mailed story overnight. I was fascinated by this. They are now revealing what they want to see in college applications. This is a must-read. It is getting increasingly difficult to stand out from your peers, but admissions officers are going way too far in oversharing in their effort to stand out and be provocative. And they have advice, be vulnerable, have a voice, but no need to get too provocative. What they are sharing concee iing -- Unbelievable. Mine was like I'd like to live in a better world. World peace. And the pressure they are under. There's a class now where you pay $14,000 over four days just to help write your essay. Oh, my goodness. It's crazy. A lot of pressure, and I think social media. We think we have to share everything with everyone. That brings down some of the barriers. I have to tell the kids, these are things that stay in the house, we don't talk about these things at school. Everyone thinks that sharing is a part of connecting. Tmi, right? There's a reason -- Sharing is not always caring. We do want to hear what you have to say. What do you write about in your college admissions essay? Tweet us at "Gma" with the #socialsquare. That will be fun. Can I say -- ? let it go ? That's next in the heat index. "Frozen kwo ""Froze ""Frozen," melting hearts, and inspiring parents at home. More families are naming their daughters Elsa after her. It's a cute name. This is according to baby center.com. The name jumped 100 spots in the list of popular baby names from 2013 to 2014. And going and 278 for girls to 183. Also up significantly here in the U.S., names like Christoph, and seven. In the movie, right -- I was named after -- You named your dog after Brodie, so -- Fair play. Whatever makes you happy.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"The New York Times highlights middle schools that are beginning to make dress codes stricter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24153532","title":"Dress Code Debate Heats Up Around the Country","url":"/GMA/video/dress-code-debate-heats-country-24153532"}