Drycleaning Secrets: What You Need to Know

Ditching the drycleaner and washing clothes yourself could save you money and time.
3:04 | 05/28/14

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Transcript for Drycleaning Secrets: What You Need to Know
that reminds us that life is delicious. Plain are the labels demanding dry clean only really your only option? Mara schiavocampo looks at the claims. Reporter: Good morning, George. We spend a lot of money on dry cleaning. $8 billion each year. Just because something says it needs top be dry cleaned, doesn't mean you can't clean it yourself, saving some money, and the time it takes to drop off and pick up your clothes. When it comes to cleaning your clothes, it's a rule we all know well. Dry clean only. The ultimate cleaning commandment. Or is it? As "Gma" investigates learned from people in the know, it isn't always true. We clean the impossible. That's basically what we do. Reporter: Jerry owns jeeves New York, the premiere dry cleaner for the rich and famous. He let us in on a little secret. He says the label on your clothes tells only part of the story. The manufacture only has to list what they think is the preferred methods. Reporter: It's called low-labeling. The ftc only requires manufacturers to list one method of safe care. So, they often go with the most conservative one. What are some of the keys the know that you really should just dry clean it? Wools, constructed jacket,xd things that are with embellishments should be left to experts. Same thing, with a serious stain. I've seen so many things damaged by people I would leave to the professionals. When wool shrinks, it really shrinks. But many things labeled dry clean only, don't have to be. They can be hand-washed or thrown into the gentle cycle. Hang it on a metal hanger, no wires. Reporter: One sweater and blouse went to the dry cleaner. Almost 15 bucks to get these two cleaned. The rest to an ├▒iexpert. I'm the stain mavin. Reporter: First, hand washing a sweater and blouse. I spent five minutes hand washing. And a minute ironing. Reporter: Then, using the washing machine for the final set, getting a professionally clean look without the price. The only difference that I see is my pressing job isn't quite as good as the dry cleaners. Otherwise, the same. Otherwise, the same. Reporter: Inside dirt on cleaning your clothes. Now, I'm wearing one of the dry cleaned only shirts that we just threw in the washer. And you can see, it came out pretty good. Another tip for saving some money, July and August are slow for the cleaners. They may offer discounts. And if they don't advertise one, you can negotiate a discount during the summer months. Save up this summer. I love it. Great tips. And that does look fabulous. Reporter: Save money and time. Cashmere, you wouldn't think you could do it. Reporter: They say the damage Thank you, Mara. Coming up, one direction trending big overnight. The new video surfacing of band

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{"id":23893816,"title":"Drycleaning Secrets: What You Need to Know","duration":"3:04","description":"Ditching the drycleaner and washing clothes yourself could save you money and time. ","url":"/GMA/video/drycleaning-secrets-23893816","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}