'DWTS' Super Fan Dances With Derek Hough

A fan with special connection to "GMA" gets her 70th birthday wish.
5:30 | 05/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS' Super Fan Dances With Derek Hough
So. Are -- intrepid leader here once upon a time we've used up corn flakes with him every morning and then he moved on left us in the dust. Your -- Gholston. He is that he's the -- -- here is that many many names in the -- senior top secret. Double exact double executive and the agent the world and marriage he doesn't even when he's not bringing peace to the world in solving. Big problems tell your rap he's -- tagging them -- yet -- -- -- -- -- -- well let's let's let's let's meet the -- -- -- Now let's take a look. Perrier is -- right now and data mining giant tower about. There are slim. Does every other does that that is a good look god you need -- -- -- not -- -- and a look into his character I think we have one another shot this. -- Yeah he did James and his many bash is your fault this is your old Johnny get a glimpse into the here and -- and I. And -- leading guiding this yeah. That's not wearing a pink cross. Friday's edition. I don't get me a great candidate you look at. Not -- and ends and still watching on going to come on you hear you look at you -- -- this James Bond. -- and so I was watching you watch. I'm gonna guess -- never been more proud of you dear sons and watching him about taking this world the bow wrapped around his neck. -- -- Thank you so much so this is -- now that we -- you look amazing it's unbelievable yeah are unbelievable out. They sell its current depressed having so. I did -- James says -- and mom -- what would you like for your birthday she says if I can have anything I wanna dance with. -- -- And Malo and. Now he needs here anyway so she's -- -- it's here it's fantastic what a coincidence that the day you've got here he just happens I do you. You've gone and guess what your son even your son has powerful -- can't control that think that -- when he can't control. Is giving -- your way. And. OK. Mary again. And for her very happy. You're pregnant extension -- -- yeah. You know it's great of course this being an issue we can't even afford to music so they're just dancing to a teammate here in -- -- How I'm Andrea Andrea -- really -- think -- did we didn't -- even hasn't just did -- its -- So he insists. So. Changing a lot of respect I don't I heard you a conversation yes isn't it -- it comes it's really. The State's -- but so so -- that everything that you helped to name on the because it's -- you know he's -- yeah. Obama. And no -- -- I did. Your money parent you're OK yeah. Pay James Ellison and yet. It was it was it was -- -- I feel like come on slate for -- with news. You can even use likened he came to me last week any sense. My mom I have been an issue. Happen either now that I do not -- oh yes he did say that -- set my two. -- with me just -- thinks is saying high on administrative feel the need to keep your knowing it would do anything Reno. And I and he -- how proud you. It's it's been probably is -- in the main. I mean I didn't get to the -- symptoms often such as that they thought that but at least. It's very nice but I do see yeah. May be wowed he's actually I -- there it is a live on the interwebs he she is dropping guilt but mommy guilt right. I mean yeah. He's fairly good bowl. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah vibrations and mushy on me me and now and I had received I don't know I -- look you spoke -- happy birthday to you you know. People. Happy birthday dear. No mom happy birthday in its -- -- can doctor rationale you gotta make another one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kyra you're you had a moving -- and yeah. Happy birthday to him McClintock in the room just a little -- -- thank -- yeah. Yeah. I'm -- is important to us and his mom therefore it is very important to us out. Everybody happy birthday.

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{"id":19232596,"title":"'DWTS' Super Fan Dances With Derek Hough","duration":"5:30","description":"A fan with special connection to \"GMA\" gets her 70th birthday wish.","url":"/GMA/video/dwts-super-fan-dances-derek-hough-19232596","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}