'It's All Easy' With Gwyneth Paltrow

The actress shares quick and healthy recipes from her new cookbook.
3:41 | 04/12/16

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Transcript for 'It's All Easy' With Gwyneth Paltrow
With our friend Gwyneth paltrow. She has a brand-new cookbook called "It's all easy" and the title says it all delicious weekday recipes for the super busy home cook. Give us the idea behind it. The idea was I was polling my friends and saying what do you need in your kitchen you don't have and my friends are all really busy, they're parents, they're working and they said, you know, we would love a book that is kind of like a manual. We can come home from work and actually make something that's easy and doesn't take too much time. Just as quickly as it would be if you were ordering in. Exactly. Healthy and great stuff, as well. We cooked a lot from your last book. Thank you. Can't wait to try this, as well. Tell us what you're making. Really easy Turkey meat loaf. Makes kind of a big portion but great for the next day. You can make a meat loaf sandwich. Take it to work. We were looking for ways to multipurpose and make things stretch. So it's very simple. You just take some Turkey bacon, onions, throw them in the food processor. Throw in the garlic and the thyme. Okay. And then -- The thyme in will. Sorry. Then I don't know how to work this food processor. This is not like my one. That's all right. It's not on yet. Okay, there we go. All right. Nice work. Nice work. That's what it'll look like. Looks like that. You don't want it to be a paste but chopped up then you saute it in a pan like eight minute, something like that until it gets a little brown and then it's really simple. You put this mixture of the Turkey bacon, onions, thyme, all that gorgeous sofrito in there with some oats. This is a gluten-free Turk di meat loafment a little ketchup and I probably should have whipped this up before I put it in, a little egg. You can throw in the milk for me. Okay. What is this soy? That's worcestershire sauce and some salt. And you literally mix that up. Got it on my dress but that's okay then we're going to add it to your ground Turkey. There you go. Then you mix it all up and then you stick it in and then the very -- then you coat it with -- you want to coat the -- All right. I will do that. Tell us about the Mac and cheese. It's not Mac and cheese, right gentleman. It is Mac and cheese but I have some cauliflower in it to try to make it a little healthier. And when you put that in the oven you put a little water in a different pan in the bottom and then your meat loaf will stay nice and moist. How do you get your kids to try the new food. My kids are pretty adventurous in the kitchen. I've been doing -- wow, that's beautiful. There you go. Couldn't do the processor. But they're adventurous but they do love kid food like Mac and cheese which is why I added cauliflower to this to sort of sneak in some vegetables. And they're pretty -- you know, this salad with the blew cheese. They won't try whew cheese. How about dessert. I'm proud of our dessert section. My last book was completely gluten free and dairy free. This book is more, you know, there's some cheese and dairy but our dessert is completely sugar free and vegan and dairy-free. Yeah, so that's a good one. We love that little key lime tart. It is excellent stuff. The book is "It's all easy." It's available right now. Thank you for coming in. Thank you for having me.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"The actress shares quick and healthy recipes from her new cookbook.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38330055","title":"'It's All Easy' With Gwyneth Paltrow","url":"/GMA/video/easy-cooking-gwyneth-paltrow-38330055"}