What Embarrasses Mike Tyson?

Childhood Poverty haunts, yet motivates, ex-champ's disturbing adult years.
3:00 | 11/12/13

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Transcript for What Embarrasses Mike Tyson?
This chronicles a lot of your ups and a lot of your -- -- -- your child thank you said death. You still feel like -- Howard it is day because of the -- that happens. When you're growing up in Brooklyn. Y Tuesday. I don't know if not forget that. What -- -- -- is being helped with don't they had to do picked up the phone led did hit him and I never I never thought about them. You can have an immediate. The guy. Kick in the -- I would do anything to -- -- go about the different thing from my mind as to take please. What was when was the first time he actually had some money on them assume that you. Let -- before. You -- for -- pension that was your first fight. How do you show promise as many as eleven. Let them I think analyze data releases smoked marijuana and turning is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As to watch my friends shout about from box full time and the fight of that anger them in the game people imitated. West little guy's going neophyte when the guy went down. And moment felt in this shipment to a highly -- prefer guys doing that. -- -- -- -- crew who this space program that the natural now about that -- with them and then you. We use odd think kids that -- -- you years later. -- -- -- -- Sometimes you. About having a bad kid stuff and they had my back away from a fight 1005 package. Moving in this going after kicking him about -- -- Yes you were arrested 38 has by the time -- thirteen years old slow. But ten or 1230 times harassment attacking her -- there's there's a sweet picture of you -- here it's. -- at nine years old. What had those eyes see what had those ears heard. By -- we'll allow bad words in that was just come out and -- -- to mind and picked him pitching will work. -- -- that Coca pickpocket and that that would -- and apple. Both and I can -- that. You can't feel that if you have me doing that. And they must -- the -- -- -- -- cool dude in my neighborhood. And in my neighborhood that made you think -- into the still mourning and our people -- UK yourself roommates. You see this picture of your mom yet. The first for the pops into your mind -- -- Or Sheldon. We showed -- new and fifth in the collection of them could persist in making. I don't really embarrassed -- before and people in the neighborhood. -- To less bad than good -- wouldn't. -- who really important. Like vehemently.

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{"id":20862264,"title":"What Embarrasses Mike Tyson?","duration":"3:00","description":"Childhood Poverty haunts, yet motivates, ex-champ's disturbing adult years.","url":"/GMA/video/embarrasses-mike-tyson-20862264","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}