Emeril's Breakfast in Bed Returns for Mother's Day

Chef Emeril Lagasse launches Mother's Day contest, shares a recipe for breakfast bread pudding.
4:18 | 02/18/13

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Transcript for Emeril's Breakfast in Bed Returns for Mother's Day
I want our favorite -- traditions -- mothers' day practice in bad for one lucky mom aware of how. So rational on Mother's Day. Amaral will take his kitchen to her for unforgettable morning. And this morning we're kicking off the contest -- here to show us how to make two of his favorite breakfast -- is that your mom could end up enjoying. At home on Mother's Day I am hi hello yards finishes this is a great this every outlet let's talk about that -- Scheffler made thirteen years thirteen years this is thirty given way. Not I'm not -- I want I want -- and everybody has you know within. A lot of fun knocking on the door and surprising a special moment although. We want you we didn't it was of that -- -- what I love marry your equal opportunity claim wolves just like what. Make you a great breakfast and -- have a great and you've got two examples of the magic that you might be serving that morning regarding wecht. A breakfast bread pudding which is one of my favorite. -- this is made with you. You either breakfast sausage or you can use an Italian sausage the hot all of this is tomorrow you wanna brown -- when stocks -- -- just gonna add someone into this let them we're gonna add red pepper. -- you can use green yellow or whatever little salt. And then basically -- -- -- -- when he competed which has really don't have little small zucchini cut in half and it would just gonna add them. -- Watch this short days. Kind of looks like that's. What we have is we have cut bread or you can use English muffins as well should you give me about half of that in that had -- -- -- In a more -- -- Vietnam covered bottoming out hoops and I'm gonna have. Some time some -- little modern at a depth look at she's all right. Not what we're gonna do quite Josh you go to work to know about -- so yeah -- it was the only. All right all right I could do with an Edward is Robin likes to west put out for you morning helped write -- -- -- acts of salt and pepper. Feel good -- what happened mouth fell open ended up -- a lot of chicken broth as well wolf I think people -- she. So this is one of those just enjoy and it's actually look at how many people -- -- you -- know my favorite part of admiral breakfast and that thing is -- -- army that starts creeping that -- on unsuspecting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- come on. Knowing that the -- wanted to -- -- Why -- slowly pour over the 350 degrees. Practice the oven and this is -- easy now. Boom -- -- this technique. Easy now. -- -- -- -- -- -- Knowing I'm glad you want to use of you know the grated mozzarella and parmesan cheese. OK that's why aren't the -- -- -- -- more than bread in. And -- what she's challenged today -- -- -- about an hour and hour and ten minutes -- you guys aboard an attic -- I entered commercial break Sammy memo and you -- we went to cafe du monde called dual needs to -- lies and her Airways are on. -- -- This is many -- innocence and talking about have a. -- well I don't. You shaved -- -- right. It's just agenda. Fact I decided no I don't Ghana because I want morning here yeah. -- that a very hour. Blow you you know you had this and bread -- now so how hard these to pull off the vignette. Did this on how to goal of basically it's -- -- kept -- flower age a little bit of the book dream. Or half and half is -- militia is a little Italy lucky mother of children who is going to be. I'll tell ya there's going to be a lucky mom autism and everybody is -- -- I didn't everybody has a chance to get and on and on network that -- he tells me go on Good Morning America Docomo and on Yahoo!.

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{"id":18529296,"title":"Emeril's Breakfast in Bed Returns for Mother's Day","duration":"4:18","description":"Chef Emeril Lagasse launches Mother's Day contest, shares a recipe for breakfast bread pudding.","url":"/GMA/video/emeril-lagasses-breakfast-bed-contest-returns-mothers-day-18529296","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}