Emma Stone Talks Star Turn in 'La La Land'

The actress drops by Times Square to talk about her new movie and co-starring with Ryan Gosling for a third time.
5:06 | 11/28/16

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Transcript for Emma Stone Talks Star Turn in 'La La Land'
Emma stone. She stars with Ryan gosling in the new original movie muse kical "La la land." She's auditioning for a new role. Take a look. I just thought -- I don't know what I thought. One second. I guess I better -- Welcome. Just grabbing my phone. Tell her I'll call her back. In two minutes? Less than two minutes. I'm almost done. Thank you. Oh. You know what? I think we're good. Thanks for coming in. Ooh. This is such a good movie, though. And I have to imagine not that that specifically ever happened to you, but some of these moments when you're auditioning for parts in L.A., this is about an aspiring actress. Did it strike close to home for you? Definitely. Every had someone shut a door like that on you? I have had a variety of experiences. There's a lot of people who don't look up from their paper when you come into read. It's tough. The movie is so beautiful. I brought my daughters. I have to say, I'm not overselling this. This is the best movie I saw all year. I laughed, I cried, my heart was warmed. You have done Broadway. This is not your first time singing in front of millions. But, what was it like -- I mean, look that. The dancing, the singing. You were a triple-threat in this movie. Oh, thanks. You're welcome. We had months of rehearsal. It was fun to ballroom dance and tap-dance. We sang live in parts of the movie. So it was just -- it was exciting. You were so good. You moved so well. The two of you, rind you this is your third time starring as Ryan gosling's love interest. I have to tell you, soy walked out of the movie neerpt I know. You deserve a round of applause. I called my husband, I said, bad news. I'm more in love with Ryan gosling than I was before. What was it like sing and dapsing with him ? You did the move in crazy, stupid love. This is real dancing. It's an intense experience learning to ballroom dance. It was great to have a friend there. The movie goes through so much. But a lot of this is about what if? What the you had made different choices along the way? I'm sure I'm not the first person to ask you. Have you thought about the what IFS? I think everybody does. You kind of wonder if you made didn't choices or, if, you know, certain things had unfolded a didn't way what your life would look like. I think that's why the movie is resonant in that way. Because there is that -- there's different lanes that your life can travel down. You never know it. I felt like it resonate sod much with me. I was thinking about the different paths our lives take. It's a beautiful movie. As you were singing and dancing and I think that this is just appropriate to ask you, somewhat your go-to karaoke song? Oh. I weirdly like karaoke so much less now. I'm like, I don't think anyone needs to hear me get up and sing in a karaoke room. No, you're very, very good. I was so impressed. It's just the karaoke experience has lost a little luster after all that. Do you have a go-to dance move. No, not really. It's a jazz hand. That can come at any time. Thank you. Did you hesitate at all when you saw the script and saw what was retired? The singing, the dancing, and the acting? That part was fun and challenging because I was doing "Cabaret" while I met Damien. You knew jazz hands. That was exciting. The thing that sort of freaked me out was the tone. There are scenes where we're sitting at a dinner table having a conversation and then we're flying into space in the next scene. Typical Tuesday. How is this going to be cohesive. But it is. The writer/director is incredible. And John legend is amazing in the film, too. Yeah, yeah. Zplefrg is so good. Thank you so much, Emma stone. "La la land" opens in select theaters nationwide.

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{"id":43819881,"title":"Emma Stone Talks Star Turn in 'La La Land'","duration":"5:06","description":"The actress drops by Times Square to talk about her new movie and co-starring with Ryan Gosling for a third time.","url":"/GMA/video/emma-stone-talks-star-turn-la-la-land-43819881","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}