Moore, Lane Team Up for First Time on Big Screen

Actors discuss their roles as teachers producing a student's play in "The English Teacher."
4:12 | 05/20/13

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Transcript for Moore, Lane Team Up for First Time on Big Screen
The play's the thing, in "the english teacher." A new movie starring julianne moore and nathan lane. Julianne moore as a teacher. You team up with a drama teacher, played by nathan. And you put it on at the high school. It's fair to day, it takes some unexpected turns. Let's take a look first. Oh. Dear, dear, linda. I'm eternally grateful for all of your help and understanding. Oh, no problem. How are you? Much better, thank you. Fully rested. Mildly medicated and ready to resume my duties. Well, I think everything's under control. You've worked very hard this week. Don't worry. I've done this 1,000 times. Why don't you relax. Take a seat. Enjoy the show. Thespians, it's time. So it is to welcome the stars. Four-time oscar nominee, julianne moore. And tony nominee, nathan lane. Thank you for being here. Thank you. Very fun cast. I understand that you two, this was a love match. You would think you were brother and sister in another life. Oh. Oh, boy. That's just the gin talking. Well, it was love at first sight. We hit it off. I did the movie because i wanted the opportunity to work with the great julianne moore. And I stalked him. I sent a message through his manager, this is coming from me personally. I personally want him to do this. You saw the part and you knew it was going to be me. I wanted it to be nathan. And I wanted to work with him. And I tried to talk to him at But we move opposite -- this is a -- I never rebuffed her. Never. Never once. Never buffed her, let alone rebuffed her. I would be happy to buff her. This is a -- oh, my. It's a talky. It feels like, in arful way. It's a talky? It's a play. Yes. Right. A piece of theater. For your character, how would you describe her? She's an english teacher who really lives inside the books. You know what I mean? That's her happiest place. And that's a place where she feels she feels understood, where she can communicate. And she has a friend. Her best friend is a drama teacher who feels the same way about theater. They attempt to put this thing on because it's so personally meaningful to them. Yeah. Although it's a rather pretentious and avant-garde thesis play that is totally not appropriate for high school students. They're taken with the idea of putting on this original play, as oppose to doing "the importance of being earnest" again. And high jinks ensue. Yes. My character is sort of a sad fellow who didn't really quite make it in show business. But he's going to make it re. Yeah. He's going to make his statement with this play hopefully. Did you have teachers that mattered for you? Oh, my goodness. I had a teacher when I was in high school, when I was a junior in high school, who told me i could be an actor if I wanted to be. I didn't know any actors. I had never seen a play other than high school play. I didn't know it was possible to make a living as an actor. If I hadn't met her, I wouldn't be it sitting here with nathan today. Congratulations, by the way. On the nomination. He is magnificent. I'm telling you. I saw this play a couple weeks ago. Three weeks ago or something. I laughed so hard in the first act, my husband asked me to calm down. And then, I cried all the way through the second act. It's so good. Nathan is astonishing. It's moving. Really, really special. And it's just a really wonderful, enthralling -- my friend. Vote for him. Terrific. Thank you. You can buff me. Okay. Buff and rebuff. Again, this is exactly what you're going to see in the film "the english teacher," in theaters now. Thank you very having us. Thank you.

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{"id":19215972,"title":"Moore, Lane Team Up for First Time on Big Screen","duration":"4:12","description":"Actors discuss their roles as teachers producing a student's play in \"The English Teacher.\"","url":"/GMA/video/english-teacher-interview-julianne-moore-nathan-lane-team-19215972","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}