Highlights From the 2014 ESPY Awards

Check out the best moments for sports' most glamorous night.
3:42 | 07/17/14

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Transcript for Highlights From the 2014 ESPY Awards
Back to robin up early in L.A. After last night's espys. It is always the most glamorous event in sports last night no exception. Last night, the night hasn't ended for many here. We are here live in the lobby of the jw Marriott, just a stone's throw from the Nokia theater where the espys were held last night and the after-party wrapped up, not kidding, just moments ago right here as always, there was so much to celebrate. ? it's the sports' world most glammous night. Drake. This man right here. Reporter: The espys celebrating this year's top athletes. Good to see you. I love all of you until you start losing then you're dead to me, okay. Reporter: Rap star drake taking center stage as host. His personality contagious even when poking fun. You don't always come in first place we know but somehow in NASCAR you're the only face we know. Reporter: All good-spirited. It was all love. You know, I just wanted to touch on things in sports that I hadn't really heard people make Jo jokes about before. Making best moment -- We all feel that soccer is going to make it. It's just a matter of time. Reporter: But strength off the field recognized too. The St. Louis rams select Michael Sam, defensive end -- 2014, Arthur ashe courage award, Michael Sam. Late great Arthur ashe wasn't just courageous, he was brill yafrnts too. In fact, he once put all the wisdom in the world in three short sentences. I'm sorry. Start where you are. Use what you have and do what you can. Those were words to live by whether you're black or white, young or old, straight or gay. I was very emotional, very. Reporter: And my dear friend, ESPN's own Stuart Scott, honored with the jimmy V. Perseverance award recognizing his courageous battle with cancer. To receive this, what does it mean to you in your heart? I can't claim this as like this is mine. This symbolizes a group effort from a lot of people who happen to care about me who kept me upright for the last seven years. Reporter: And capping off a night of winners, the biggest of them all, this year's best team. Seattle seahawks. To win the first ever super bowl in our franchise is truly special. Reporter: All-star night with the champions we all love to cheer on. And there was much to cheer about and there were so many special moments. I was here for my friend Stuart Scott. He has been so amazing and courageous and it was also very special to get on that stage and to announce for the first time that two great cancer organizations are joining forces, stand up to cancer is investing $4 million with the V. Foundation for cancer research and that was a moment that I will not forget and I had a chance to just really just experience for the first time just being there seeing all these people from different walks of life and it was fun, it was emotional and I'm going to have a chance later this morning to spend some time with Michael Sam, his comments and what he said on the stage last night really resonated with many people and I'll be sharing my interview with him a bit later. We really want to see that. Boy, Stuart Scott, such a

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{"id":24595683,"title":"Highlights From the 2014 ESPY Awards","duration":"3:42","description":"Check out the best moments for sports' most glamorous night.","url":"/GMA/video/espy-awards-2014-highlights-sports-big-night-24595683","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}