Devon Still Accepts Award on Behalf of His Daughter

The Cincinnati Bengals player's daughter, Leah, is battling cancer at 5 years old.
8:30 | 07/16/15

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Transcript for Devon Still Accepts Award on Behalf of His Daughter
At that police were often called the roles. But the real truth is that what we do doesn't even compare to some of the battles that gold's long lives before every day. And this year the team Bennett's farm animals doesn't need to compete on a Plainfield. One of the little girl if you support group doctors friends grandparents. Her mom and many more. But her bomb a third day that's most of for durable. So please watch the story of mark great friends DeVon in the U steal. A dare you not to be inspired. Of the father. His daughter. Understand how important fondness. Between the N DeVon. Ladies and gentlemen. DeVon in the U steel. You know if there was almost one other men out there that can make mark go to smog it is it would definitely be this mammary here. And I think you for being in another man MI bowed to look up to and the reason as to its mouth below her battle. Cancer. Know him my daughter was first diagnosed with cancer. I felt like I was in the nightmare. I remember the first week in the hospital policy garden. And I'll put out to the chapel and not just trot. Colleges as Val Whiting do not go to despite. An I would beg him to give new fight would bet rather than mark order. The way I looked that it was I was blessed with the ability to play football. Embodies its when he sticks I was they were to experience things people don't an entire life. And that days of for my daughter penny begin to understand what life was all about. I remember one night in the hospital. And I was sitting next in their big you ready to go to sleep. And out in nowhere she uses started touch in his stomach. And putting some in mind. I looked down at her and I asked and the will be born. As he looked up Sunnis say dead on taken it to its out of Vietnam you can it to you. When she said get no my heart job. And I broke down continues but it wasn't tears of sadness that it was chooses door because I thought that was the sign from god that he was it's in the home operators. We met with the doctors a couple of days related to get the result of protest. And I couldn't wait to see that this will be one of Douglas faces when they saw my door and enacting some. When they open their mouth. When they open memo. It is stated it is all right dances. They told our family that the cancer has spread all mama blues Bob. I was thrust. In those that that moment that I realized he had two options we could've lost faith in does that do battle with cancer did the best it was. I could give my daughter's battle would cancel purpose in use my platform its batteries must awareness as possible. No not know how hard it was want to be we decided not to give vote. Not long after being downed Cincinnati. Is targeted ticket sold. No giving up the one thing that both his parents of queues were battling cancer hole militant. Which is being able to be about aside and let them go to not a private loan I gave vote. And I did feel good about that. No model to be in only five she couldn't understand the sacrifice I was making apart at the pain accuses me this you wanna her day hit and I wasn't there ought to arm. You know that really hurt me made me feel like I wasn't a father. After a while if it's of the tall or me and I hit rock Bob. No with so many times I was out of Cincinnati I would sit in my house. And I would think about going to it and is the distort the bind the biggest bottle but doctor part in Jake it is to take away our mopping. Well when I thought about it. I couldn't do because. Every day our peace among voters that she could you vote that she could've met his brother did the best. But without a goal tied up part in this state liquor is she had Boesky for her payments he was going through. Side being boot. Instead I'll grab mafia RTZ. Every night and lose up to our knees and pray to god. That I didn't lose my belittle Robinson Cincinnati. And that she was able to fight for that would not our home we can make up for the cardinals wolves. In that time god answered my prayers that mark go to went through Nancy. The you know. Yeah definitely could have made it less is really had a great supporting cast and knowledge of by the big opera surround him with the people we needed to meet them let's do. I like that thing do you need be an excuse for creating a platform so that continue to try to raise awareness for cancer. To the Bengals they just set the example for corporate America. No let everybody know what is right for employers to give honest employee when we can do nothing horn. Supposed to lose to the brown family honestly say I love golf club lounge to be a father first and put in full boss secondary because our helped save my abilities might. Note. To the media. Every time I sat down with ought to tell us stores and all the big meet proceeding down with so. But I will you have to stay out old all the things you because every time off that don't meet. Doug Helton did not go despite a purpose and god help you raise the words that did this to help other pins though. For every child that a valid camps in. Know what TV I looked like the heroes. I look like I'm Stephen the date but honestly daughter broad murals what I do was you've got into for the people and I tell them all stored. We all the ones that I actually battling cancer and won't rounds and rounds of chemo every bit previously your remain with a smile and upbeat. Beyond every give up and that's oldest barn and they helped me in my battle. And I'm here to data lets on those laws that have this platform. On the continue to fight from the song that's on notice how we're Nall live and that's on the that's all we're more than porpoises that the government usual. We're mopping oxy. You'll only person had moved rob wooten missile from all of that since and that. It was weeks we'll borrow and not assume any type a affects no hope move to think about the whole minutes of each day from everything that was opened. You still bomb outside Bettman noted she wasn't going nowhere it lets you won't beautiful and you know we got in these little bit. After the deal was diagnosed and you hadn't secure. Two point you can where we sit down and planned on being you can that it wanted to do anything it's I'm Marc boom won't view to walk down. As the flower girl and I think for being sold itself is an app prompts. On the tighten the white and of the genes. That'll mean you leave here tonight you go back to in the three previous though it could the yeah. So my prayers. How would be the father I am today blown up also move is meant for being used to together. The also the hub has local cop involved enough I just love gone I think you throw all the life lessons well. In no less than obvious. My beautiful border. I know you'd wish you could be here but I know you Watson. Nah I just want to think you from the moment he was born. You motivate me to the man I am today. You know always to Jim about housing imbued so you so much about life and in the five years. I've been with you taught more about like the market ever do. And I'll love you not obvious how the waited to be Hitler youth up with passes. My ability to be who like us it was he had a message for Barnstable. I can games and a battle that all looking personal friend of Latin dance floor it won't I leaned back. They don't think we'll.

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