New Evidence in Love Triangle Murder Trial

Florida prosecutors reveal the belt Pedro Bravo used to allegedly strangle Christian Aguilar.
3:54 | 08/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Evidence in Love Triangle Murder Trial
First that sensational trial out of Florida involving three teens in a love triangle. Pedro bravo charged with murdering his best friend who was in a romantic relationship with his ex-girlfriend. Prosecutors are revealing what they say was the murder weapon in court and ABC's Linzie Janis is tracking the case. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning. Prosecutors unveiling in court Thursday pieces of evidence they say were found in searches of Pedro bravo's car and apartment in the days after his friend went missing. The items they say prove how bravo murdered his victim. Overnight Florida prosecutors revealing more evidence in the death of Christian Aguilar showing jurors this photograph of the belt they say Pedro bravo used to kill his former best friend. Bravo allegedly sedating Aguilar with a concoction of drugs in a Gatorade bottle then using the belt to strangle him, a process that took 13 minutes. Prosecutors claim the murder taking place inside bravo's SUV in a Gainesville Walmart parking lot. The two friends spotted shopping together in the store, the last time Aguilar was seen alive. There's a small impact in the windshield itself where the glass was broken. Reporter: Prosecutors showing the jury Thursday photos of a cracked windshield covered in duct tape and bloodstains on the SUV's seats and on a pair of shoe insoles and a can of paint kept in the car. All signs investigators say of a violent struggle. That's the location where the shovel was recovered from. Reporter: And photos of this mud caked shovel found near bravo's Gainesville apartment. Prosecutors implying it was used to bury his victim. Prosecutors claim Aguilar's murder was the result of a love triangle. Bravo dating Erika friman in high school. Friman calling it off heading to Gainesville for college and dating Aguilar. I didn't want to throw him over the edge or anything and say, by the way, I'm dating a mutual friend of ours. Reporter: They say when bravo found out he hatched a plot to kill his high school friend in order to get friman back. Bravo's attorneys say he is not guilty of murder. Well, bravo is charged with first degree murder, kidnapping, illegally transporting a dead body and providing false statements to law enforcement. He faces life in prison. If he's convicted. George. Thanks. Dan Abrams here right now and, boy, the prosecutors have quite a case there. There are very few cases that go to trial with this much evidence against someone. You're talking about physical evidence that Linzie laid out, searches and video evidence, motive. You've got almost everything you could possibly have and the defense is, yeah, we were together and you know what, yeah, we got in a fight and I bloodied him and then I left and that's the last thing that I know. I mean that is a really long shot type of defense in a case like this. And so what happens now with the defense? Do they put Pedro bravo on the stand? Ordinarily in a case hike this I'd say no way he's going to take the stand. Yet when you look at what the defense is and think about what a long shot defense it is, seems to me it may be the only hope that they have is that somehow he's a really good witness who will lay out exactly what he claims happened, that, yes, we're together. This and we get in a fight and then I leave, but it's just -- it's such a tough defense that you think about something like taking the tan and you say, it might be the only shot that he has. The emotional impact of having the ex-girlfriend on the stand. Absolutely. She's the motive of the she's laying out point by point exactly why he would have done this talking about how emotionally fragile he'd become. You know, internet searches for unsolved murders and sleeping pills and, again, the allegation here is that he may have drugged the victim before the attack, so this is a tough defense. Okay. Dan Abrams, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"Florida prosecutors reveal the belt Pedro Bravo used to allegedly strangle Christian Aguilar.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24897730","title":"New Evidence in Love Triangle Murder Trial","url":"/GMA/video/evidence-love-triangle-murder-trial-24897730"}