Exciting New Fashion Options For the Plus-Size Market

Fashion blogger Nicolette Mason discusses the new crop of designers entering the market.
4:06 | 01/08/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Exciting New Fashion Options For the Plus-Size Market
It is an exciting time in fashion for women of all sizes and nowhere more so probably than the plus size market where a whole new crop of designers are making some trendy fashion-forward looks. ABC's juju Chang has a preview. Reporter: For plus size women shopping for high fashion cannot only be difficult but downright demoralizing. Go to the store and it only comes in a size 10 and you might be a 12, you might be a 16, you might be an 18 or 20 and it crushes you. Reporter: Her struggle to find trendy outfits in plus sizes inspired fashionista Courtney smith to follow her heart. Starting her own clothing line called rum and coke. Sold online and through social media. I think it's about time that we shine the light on bigger women on plus size women. Reporter: Yeah, so no more M ochlt ocho och mumus. Indicating to plus size women who are often overlooked. We had a little bit of a misconception in the plus size fashion market before that women really wanted to cover themselves, become invisible and what is changing now is the plus size customer is saying that she doesn't have to abide by those old-fashioned rules and she's breaking out in stripes and great prints and bright colors. Reporter: The average American woman we are wears a size 14 which means 67% of the population and that majority is silent no more. Demanding high fashion in higher sizes, one fashion blogger even creating a hashtag, plus size please which took hold across social media pressuring stores to take notice. This is very VA VA voom. Like it's very sexy. Reporter: Another popular brand, partnering with Nordstrom enjoying a loyal following due to their high fashion sensibilities. They've taken a dip and will see success. Reporter: Creating positive figures for both women and for the fashion industry. For "Good morning America," juju Chang, ABC news, New York. Joining us now is fashion blogger and contributing editor for "Marie Clair" magazine nick let -- Thank you. Love this look. It was fascinating that social media has played such a huge part in this shift. How so? It's been pretty amazing. Social media has been used for something good and positive. We love hearing about that. And we actually had target announce two days ago for the first time they will be inclu including plus sizes in their next design partnership and that's a direct response to petitions that we've seen women put out asking for better plus sizes. Hey, what about us? We're customers. We have money to spend and we want great clothes. Speaking of great clothe, let's see some. We have two looks to show everybody. First is perfect for daytime. Wear it to work and maybe even a cocktail afterwards. It's from eloquii which my dress is from also. We have this great mini skirt and per rated leather. I want that skirt. That's great. I love the color being worn with a horizontal stripe. Girls are scared of a horizontal stripe but this is an example of how to wear one, high waist, jacket on top. Good to go. You look fantastic. I love that is there let's take it up a notch and do an evening look, shall we? Let's. Wow. Yeah. I love this look. It's such a showstopper. This is from indy designer rum and coke and does her line in a huge range of size from extra small to 3x and this is an example of how anyone can wear a crop top and look fantastic. We have just a little bit of skin showing at the midriff, the high-waisted ball skirt. This great hunter green color that looks phenomenal on everybody. This is a fantastic look. Can I ask you, how do you feel? You look like you feel good? Very good. Very sexy. We can confirm that is correct. So rum and coke is the designer. Yes. So great to hear about target and thank you for bringing us these great looks and great outfits. Thanks for having me.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"Fashion blogger Nicolette Mason discusses the new crop of designers entering the market.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28081216","title":"Exciting New Fashion Options For the Plus-Size Market","url":"/GMA/video/exciting-fashion-options-size-market-28081216"}