Extreme Weight-Loss Success Stories: How They Lost 100 Pounds or More

People magazine throws the spotlight on these inspirational weight-loss stories.
4:49 | 07/25/14

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Transcript for Extreme Weight-Loss Success Stories: How They Lost 100 Pounds or More
To Lara now in central park. Lara. Robin, great crowd in central park here and up next on the "Heat index," if you want inspiration to lose those extra pounds, we have it for you right now. "People" magazine on newsstands nationwide today throws the spotlight on people who lost over 100 pounds and you'll see them live right here. But first, here are their stories. ? growing up Judith Anthony had no boundaries for snacking. I would literally go to the store and buy $3 worth of the 25-cent bags of potato chips and eat them. Reporter: By the time she was a freshman, she weighed 180 pounds. But with access to food 24/7 she ballooned to 257 in college. Still, she never saw herself as overweight. Until a doctor's visit to two years ago to inquire about a breast reduction. She said to me, you know, I recommend you have a gastric bypass. It was hard to hear. I looked at myself and I was saying, you know, at 257 pounds to have to do something. Reporter: Edwin Valez fought the scales for most of his life. Reporter: I'm Puerto rican so rice beans with fried meat every day. Reporter: In college money was tight and fast food was cheap. Soon he hit 320 pounds. His turning point, a cruise with some friends in 2011. I was just like shocked. I was like, I let myself get too far. Reporter: As a child Lori always found comfort in food. The whole pizza with French onion dip, Wohl bags of chips. Reporter: At her heaviest she weighed 265 pounds. A bad marriage at age 19 that set the stage for her to move ahead. He introduced me as his cousin and not his wife. That was the day I got my life in order. So fantastic and let's see how they look now. Lori Filipiak, come on out. 265 pounds, down to 146. That's 119 pounds. Congratulations. Edwin Velez, wow. From 320 pounds to 165. Looking good. And then finally, Judith Anthony, get out here! Amazing. Amazing. 257 to 140. Is 17 pounds lost. Congratulations. So inspirational and I'm here with Michele from "People" magazine. Senior editor and you chose some really wonderful stories. How did you decide. Well, not only were their photos amazing to see their transformations but they all had different stories. You have a mom who tried to find balance between fitness and family, a man who was too shy to go to the gym and is now competing in fitness competitions. Look at him. And then you have somebody who found success with popular program jenny Craig. There's somebody you can relate to if you're out there trying to lose weight, there is a story here. Absolutely. I'd love to talk to you. Come on over here. Lori we'll start with and a before and after, if you will, not only for you but what you used to eat and this is remarkable. Please tell us what this is about. I used to -- my comfort food was a whole pizza and I would deep each slice in fresh onion dip. So good. I know it sounds gross. You don't need that anymore because you love something like this now. This is my favorite. It's watermelon with arugula and put Greek yogurt and spicy mustard on top. Best tip? What works for me is the visual so before I go to bed at night I will put out my workout clothes so first thing I see, got to work out today or if I'm doing it on my lunch hour put them by the door and got to do it. That's a really easy great tip. Thank you. Let's move on down. Edwin, I can't get over your transformation. How do you feel today? I feel awesome. I bet because you don't eat that anymore. You really used to put that in your body. That was like one meal a day. That's like dinner go through, grab -- Three. Three with French fries and a soda. Unbelievable. That's just how it went and now tell us about this healthy snack. I actually eat five mes a day. This is my meal too. Pb-2, less fat and lower calories with my apple. My carb and protein shake. Everything you need. Everything you need, easy snack. Even I could cook that. Thank you. Congratulations, keep up the great work and finally, Judith, tell us about old Judith, new Judith. Okay, this is what I used to eat and a regular day in the dorms in the cafeteria. Chips were my weakness. My favorite. Now do you ever have a cheat day? Never have I had chips in two years.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"People magazine throws the spotlight on these inspirational weight-loss stories.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24709217","title":"Extreme Weight-Loss Success Stories: How They Lost 100 Pounds or More","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-weight-loss-success-stories-lost-100-pounds-24709217"}