Wrinkle Rehab: The Ultimate Natural Facelift

Bianna Golodryga tracks new form of yoga that targets your face.
3:00 | 11/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wrinkle Rehab: The Ultimate Natural Facelift
Now to our latest wrinkle rehab report. The all-natural face-lift thanks to yoga for your face. It gives you a glow inside and out. Abc's bianna golodryga is here to explain and show us. Reporter: We're going to show you later. But this is a rising exercise and practice we're seeing. You don't need a mat for this kind of yoga. Experts say just like traditional yoga, face yoga can improve your appearance and get rid of your wrinkles, as long as you don't mind looking a little funny while you do it. The world of yoga keeps stretching to new extremes. There's aerial yoga, hot yoga, even karaoke yoga. ♪ Sweet caroline ♪ Reporter: But facial yoga? That's right. No more downward dog or warrior poses. It's all about the lion face, the bumblebee and the marilyn. Yes, that is me with my best lion face. But I'll save the embarrassment for later. It's the latest craze into getting a youthful glow, yoga for the face. Designed to be a natural, noninvasive alternative to the botox, fillers and plastic surgery americans spend tens of millions of dollars on every year. What are you doing? Reporter: Even "the real housewives of new york" traded in the needle and scalpel for the smiling fish face. This do-it-yourself age-defying technique, involving facial expression, is the brainchild of ann hagen, who wrote a book on the ultimate natural face-lift. There's a technique to the yoga face? Definitely. If you just made weird faces randomly, you would get more wrinkles. We're trying not to do that. We're trying to tone and lift the muscles of the face. Reporter: Dr. Neil sadick, recommends facial yoga for his patients. By stimulating any component of your face like the muscles, you'll have an overall effect. Reporter: Janet is a yoga and pilates instructor who is offering it in new york because she says demand for this natural lift has exploded. Maybe a little more lift in the eye. And you have fun, make a lot of funny faces. Reporter: Wrinkle-fighter and a good time? I had to finout for myself. What was surprising was how easy it was for the group to let the gourd down. The fish face, for your cheeks and lips. The bumblebee. And my personal favorite, the lion face, supposed to stretch all facial muscles ands release tension. Kind of fun. And face yogis keep coming back for more. I have no shame. I think I lost any bit of contribute I had. Especially on job report day. I want to demonstrate to you. You want to share. Reporter: You're going to embarrass -- let's do the lion face. It reduces tension. It stimulates muscles. We all can use that. Reporter: And promotes collagen growth. Squish up your face. And then go -- come on, do it. Oh, my gosh. Moving on.

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{"id":17624865,"title":"Wrinkle Rehab: The Ultimate Natural Facelift","duration":"3:00","description":"Bianna Golodryga tracks new form of yoga that targets your face.","url":"/GMA/video/face-yoga-wrinkle-rehab-ultimate-natural-facelift-health-17624865","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}