Florida Woman Survives Shark Bite

Jessica Vaughn was attacked while tubing by what is believed to be a bull shark.
1:58 | 06/03/14

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Transcript for Florida Woman Survives Shark Bite
Now, we're going to move to the shark attack who sent a young Florida woman to the hospital, lucky to be alive. And some of the pictures you're about to see are tough to watch. ABC's John muller has the story. Reporter: It's summer's worst nightmare. 911, what is the emergency? I have a shark bite. Reporter: 22-year-old Jessica Vaughn was tubing with friends in ft. Lauderdale Sunday, when she was by what is believe be a four-foot-long bull shark. Start swimming out to the tube. Get hit by something. Shar Tai slapped her in the face. What does that feel lik Reporter: Friends . She's bit by a shark. I'm right next to her. L be next. Bysta called 911. You guys tie off her leg? Tie off her leg. Reporter: After scooping her -Pu the boat, Jessica was rushed to a nearby hospital, still in her bathing suit and sporting those unbelievable and undeniable bite marks on her leg. Some of the images, too gruesome to show on television. She was very lucky. She had a relatively big wound. But mostly the skin and muscles. Reporter: Already this year, at least a dozen shark attacks in Hawaii, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. But this attack didn't happen in happened in the intracoastal, an inland waterway, where shark sightings, let alone attacks, are rare. All sorts of activity goes on in there. And this is the first time anything like this has ever happened. Jessica says he Sha a strange premonition before th attack. Before we went out, I don't like being able to see the bottom. Reporter: A terrifying fear realized.o cf- T morning, even playful. Posing with a box of shark bites fruit snacks. For "Good morning America," John muller, ABC news, New York.

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{"id":23971093,"title":"Florida Woman Survives Shark Bite","duration":"1:58","description":"Jessica Vaughn was attacked while tubing by what is believed to be a bull shark.","url":"/GMA/video/florida-woman-survives-shark-bite-23971093","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}