'Everybody's Got Something': 'GMA' Anchors Share Who's Inspired Them

The "GMA" anchor team pays tribute to the heroes in their lives who never give up in tough times.
6:35 | 04/14/14

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Transcript for 'Everybody's Got Something': 'GMA' Anchors Share Who's Inspired Them
I have been looking forward to sharing this with you. Some of the incredible people who have inspired all of us here around the table. As my mom used to say everybody's got something. Everybody's got something and inspired me to write a book and the people who lifted me up during tough types. We wanted to pay tribute to some of the very special people in all of our lives that you're seeing right here who encourage us to keep going, never give up, especially when types get tough. When I think about robin saying everyone's got something and being an overcomer, I always think of my dad. Especially toward the end of his life because while he was failing physically, his mind was so sharp and I just saw his strength and his wisdom and even right up to the very end he was still the worrying papa and asking me about my career and the choices I've made and imparting his wisdom and just never giving up. He taught me to play my game, don't worry about anybody else's. You know who you are. And be true to yourself and whenever I'm having a tough day I look up and I know he's got me and I always say, play your game. Play your game. Hey, George. One of my oldest friends after working for many years and in policy positions in Washington, D.C., he picked up in my home in Lawrence, Kansas and dedicated himself to serving those who have nowhere else to go. Opened up the Lawrence community shelter for people who have nowhere to turn at night. Have nowhere to sleep. Have nowhere to eat and he has dedicated -- the last 20 years of his life -- to making sure those people have a place to go and no matter what kind of maladies they're grappling with and dealing with he is there helping feed them, making sure they have a home and a roof over their heads and some safe refuge. It's just been so inspiring to see his commitment to that kind of service no matter how difficult it gets and this is part of his special gift to do it in a way that is utterly nonjudgmental. It simply goes on, does the work and accepts everyone as they are is an inspiration to me. Good news is news too. My best friend brad one of many best friends is a reporter in Chicago. We worked together in grand Rapids, Michigan, about eight years ago something happened where he started falling and started having these dizzy spells and we didn't know what it was. Falling in work at a live shot while reporting and very embarrassing and for a year went undiagnosed and misdiagnosed and then eventually came up with a disease. It's very rare but it affects the bone behind your inner ear and basically to fix it they've had to do crane yacht economies, brain surgeries and why it was so impactful to me is because it's something I do. We're all very visible. You see everything about us but he took it and he said, too bad. I'm going to have a cane when I do my live shot and it's become part of his persona and his little character and that's what I love about who he is, not one minute you sit in the hospital room and think how am I going to go on to the next report. Six weeks later he's showing off and proud to be healthier and fighting it. ♪ Our viewers have inspired me. I have received boxes and boxes and continue to receive support letters, people who hand knitted me beautiful things, prayer shawls, been blessed by priests and made with love is what everyone says and most of these people have survived something or have a loved one who survived something so there's somebody who kifound out they have cancer because I have cancer. When you feel like you have thousands of people who know exactly where you are, they are walking in your shoes every day and you're like, if they can get up, I can get up and if I can get up and inspire somebody else to get out of bed each and every morning when they're in the middle of chemo or fighting whatever struggle they have in their life to get up out of bed and fight it, I feel it. And I want everyone to know what an impact that has had on me. When Myra alarm clock goes off at 4:00 in the morning I'm inspired by everyone who says, I've got it. Go get it. Fight like a girl. Thanks so much. Thank you for sharing that. Thank you. Your daddy was something. He loved you. My first time at "Good morning America," he got the opportunity to meet you. He had such a crush on you. But you feel his presence, don't you, every day. Every day. I almost feel it more now. I feel like he carries me and I'm so eternalally grateful for my time with him. And as you said he's still here. He's got you. He's still got you. I've really appreciated everybody. Your friend, because when I say everybody's got something. It's not just everybody's got something they're going through. Everybody always has something to give. No question about it. He is retiring in just a month but that for him means to serve in another way. Remarkable man? And finding that way to do it. How is your friend brad? He's doing well. Facing another brain surgery soon. Not something that ends but he doesn't complain. That's the part I didn't get to say that amazings me that I don't think I could do it so every day I look up to him. What a great spirit. And you, you were like, thank you, I get to say thank you to all those people. How do you do it? The overwhelming support you feel from everyone. Even the tweets and the messages, just little things and it'll send tears to my eyes but a strength to my heart that I can keep doing this and I'm almost at the end of my road, one more to go. Oh, but it has meant the world to me and so have you, robin. You have inspired me tremendously. I'm just so grateful. So grateful. That's part of the reason I did the book is my way of saying thank you. Thank you for really loving me through a very difficult time. Hey, you know what, just like we did, pick up a phone, do something of the person that inspired you, let them know that today like we did.

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{"duration":"6:35","description":"The \"GMA\" anchor team pays tribute to the heroes in their lives who never give up in tough times.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23315763","title":"'Everybody's Got Something': 'GMA' Anchors Share Who's Inspired Them","url":"/GMA/video/gma-gang-pays-tribute-everyday-heroes-23315763"}