GMA LIVE! (06.09.14)

Cecily Tynan and Rebecca Jarvis share summer beauty tips and slam-dunk toddler video.
11:32 | 06/09/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (06.09.14)
Ready for some GMA live. It all starts now -- -- back. Backstage at GM and. They're all -- because there inside yeah. Pouring out there this morning welcome to GMA live here at Good Morning America dot com and where there's more GMA all day and wealthiest -- tiny. Hello hello I'm from Philadelphia -- -- down I AM WP BI so good to have you with Ankiel and ginger is on our honeymoon if you didn't know just scary to think everybody knows it is so exciting and sometimes -- -- -- her. Through Wednesday. And so happy to be here it's funny because you get here there's so many people it's so exciting and I -- weather producers -- the map. And get -- -- here on -- map you have and then. You have twenty seconds into the weather. Right OK yes including -- also you also have an -- what -- the radius is in New York City we've had yet -- ethnic you know the weekend was beautiful that left fourth beautiful weekend and Robert -- I. Out can rain Monday and it looks like it is it'll probably with -- -- -- -- for the weekend real looking -- with -- -- because -- -- here first on Good Morning America you're going to be outside. In the pouring rain and -- like -- you know I wasn't because. You have hair and makeup people here -- -- in in Philadelphia we do it ourselves they were in the tiny little dressing room with a elbows pushing each other out of the way and I hear you come in and somebody fixing their hair and it is how has put. Have been -- I can't even imagine you would mean that it looked fantastic it did a fantastic job -- may -- do -- -- -- blame -- yes CI. Yeah its payment -- might have and you do believe and that whole thing about blamed the -- other woman. I think that's just what people like to do does anybody here ever blame the weather joke about it. Yeah. They're blaming Iran and whether it it would only rain in the middle of the night and -- -- it would be such an 85 degrees and sunny every day. Record here and you realize especially if you would keep -- -- I realized that I don't I would like to take the credit and it's up to him but then I get going -- -- We'll valiantly here for the -- you're all about the good stuff. And I'm not sure anybody's others news but here's something interesting and it's for people who like to work out indoors. Aretha Franklin in hot news queen of soul Aretha Franklin earning RR ESP ECT. Over the weekend. When she revealed her unusual exercise ritual the 72 year old music icon walks super wal -- -- that three top slots -- At least a mile at -- time. She's known to power shift idols. When certain areas of the -- gets you -- it. And asked if they can't stop her in the first woman inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame answered quote I keep walking. I don't like to bring -- -- people probably don't expect to see her there either right as soon as -- -- that person is sort of out of context and -- Iraq but now that we've. Told number one yeah super Wal-Mart regularly and they're looking also on pop news actor we've got this really great picture from over the weekend at its -- machine. And a dream sequence the picture posted on the Guns 'N Roses FaceBook page is just -- Random it shows Nicolas Cage hanging out with Andrew tonight. Me play but what. He does marry it's what everyone's talking about looking suburban street -- -- -- -- him in the future he has Marty but Rabin's. He's rocking and taken a style from preakness laughing to the French Open remember he had -- sector. Well and he's also wearing a wonderfully gaudy rain but perhaps the best of all. He's wearing a picture of -- fell on the tea -- and under is the royal purple blazer. This is the -- conversation pieces literally going over -- doesn't -- you know who he is. He's got a picture hasn't found. Right happy to put his name -- their two existing there are I have here -- -- but it's one of those things where you would think it was weird but it's Nicolas Cage that you kind of thing and yet explains a lot. Known for being out there. All right. Well at the NBA finals in full swing a lot of fans are getting into the spirit like Britney -- signed a formidable two foot eleven power forward from nets the lead at Kansas and areas and no locked -- He was watching his dad play when he decided to try this thing moves but -- -- hot hot hot yeah. Is -- he's got to think style they're too who maybe you think of -- that he plays basketball see how -- can -- -- -- -- -- making mandolin and a mom says he's ready for more he's all day. He got out. He got a look at it from. Point when we were growing up. Like we didn't have YouTube like he did not dampen things. -- thought they got out it's all over the -- -- we also have a pet and the day dogs and cats living together well. It's really up prairie dog in this video it'll cause massive area with -- shooting is a cat is enjoying a company is. I'm -- Grand Prairie dog -- -- I'll mirrored door behind. Supposed to base this statement Jason -- these adorable shot is an odd couple they're just playing around a few weeks after he Anthony's the pair to each other. They play together here in this -- For more than two money minute -- numbered Jason says the prairie dog act a lot like a puppies or kittens. -- my gosh I think if you agers and a gray area pet. Why and yeah yeah I got -- morning America can do that. Yet we're all over that we love to give prairie dog gets here at GM and live in the -- and -- giveaway and it'll work out now. It is -- as we've been talking about here in New York -- but most of the countries actually summer weather. That's fiercest showing a lot of I was actually beautiful today right DNA in. Actually a lot of the country that this desert southwest 110 degrees. Hundreds yet in some areas. It's not humid there either as a dry heat but -- -- 110 degrees -- Saturn and very warm a lot of people are thinking about summer either way and -- it's raining outside you still now it is bathing suit season it is the time to get out and I present a lot of challenges right and I definitely you know. It's like -- at the last minute thing when you get to the realization that you're going to the beach and now -- -- out how nervous breakdown now does anybody have this moment. Please have -- I guess I'm alone I'm the only one all have but yes -- present some challenges and guess what we have a more sons who's got some items to help us feel good look good in that heat we're gonna walk overt sign our. Right we're right -- -- -- so quickly. How are you oh great -- -- you have. A whole assortment of items detect. And so what are the first thing is a big -- -- is. You -- -- make sure that you're getting yours and threatened he read write and sell. Sheeting is a big part of our summer teen rates but when you wanna do is the last thing you want these skin irritation and -- -- -- -- yeah did an about what happens a lot people confused sensitive skin with skin irritation. And so he wanted to do let me -- using the right reason and to hear -- we have -- Venus and -- sensitive. Reeves as did they make -- -- now gas and amp I believe. And it can exhibit -- -- I believe seeking -- closer. To -- this amazed by blades. -- -- You want to get neck -- -- I don't know if I've played -- Steve lesser teach and up plus there's more cushioning between the freezer and this thing and if you -- that -- -- you and make -- using sensitive. Shave -- as well. So not just so. Who can bring that yeah by seven I don't who dropped. This say downgrade because it -- -- -- -- -- and helps monitor where if you miss -- and not coming exactly like yeah part of my left -- neat -- -- exactly what your hair have -- with the humidity in the summer on the Americans. I'm actually afraid -- internal and snow humidity is not a girlfriend in the summertime and -- you wanna do is use. Shampoo conditioner -- how eye out for its control -- this is a Laurie -- parents advanced hair care. This line is -- -- intends collection might. And has since -- -- -- -- at the serum but it also had this I this dialing three and you can actually steal and if you really silky brown does sound effects on -- -- yeah. I just have to say you have to rethink when the previous -- -- that it is just stopping your hair I actually used guys this not this morning that when I'm walking in the rain wasn't a complete -- about what -- -- into the sad but I got. Good literally soaked up my -- a pace -- -- there's also lotion changes right does everybody know is that their old motion from the winter or I notice that we yes because I know that everybody doesn't notice a lot of -- that I notice -- hearing matter on your Gmail -- don't eat your ears in against the reached the rank. It's I think -- -- he also an idea if you decided not really that great for your scant and so what you want to use of the money the daily moisturizer. That I had it -- aging effects but it also had -- -- on the stand. And it isn't the only totally -- gradual some scanner at just the hot to summits Tennessee if you play TDs one today if you -- can use it twice a day and -- that sank as -- without. Having you know sit in the sun for ten does that sun screen and is -- he isn't it gotten us this doesn't have sunscreen it just has it just daily moisturizer is that -- like -- -- -- -- But AdSense you have to. Lot of good -- I admit now lipstick yeah I can -- well -- -- your bag is not cool and so the -- thing I didn't -- the alert at Seneca had nothing like an eight and so I think that this this is the -- number seven perfect let's see. So what's -- money as it has. Felt tip on want and it's -- and -- it has. And -- -- bombs. On the other news. Since it locks in the Carla and it -- -- different -- and who is a brand that was really do not feel like that happening and that -- -- really happening in the UK but now they have in the -- -- financial market hypocrite democratic -- -- about myself and -- misguided -- fight to -- -- as it does not. It's great that I got our guy and then. Hot the last thing it gets so hot -- heat and humid no matter what theater you're using your just kind of like hot -- sit up and total -- -- -- Well it's not yet you can find either in the deodorant I -- What's cool that it is there on the go cool clocks you can -- -- mesa clay arsenal he definitely behind your -- -- your highs media underneath there aren't did you need a little bit of a threat -- Internet can ignore you didn't do -- -- exactly. Big company is nice and I get hot and has powders such technology. That is a technology -- import from Japan. Really -- the gloves if you like summer concert coming in Al -- the idea if he -- put it underneath your average he's going to be -- -- -- afterward you're not yeah. Ever plays that meta data. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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