GMA LIVE (07.01.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara revisit the touching story of Steve Gleason and see amazing photoshop work.
13:54 | 07/01/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (07.01.13)
-- -- -- -- -- We're just double Gainer in the audience bruises here and. So upset because all the -- been looking going. I know -- -- need and Robin and I had a conversation like twenty minutes ago it. You know -- know what. Yeah you can't figure it out why out -- contact you don't. -- -- -- And leisure -- ever ready or not not that long ago we did all of our look alikes. This was Georgia's he's dressed casually dressed but what is where George indications this George -- case yes. My whole family to just say hi -- ever hello -- -- Staten Island -- sort of. -- I think it was driving me crazy today he -- and I -- acknowledged she's I think all too I don't money -- how. Again you're busy you. You don't open the everybody sort of -- I love it that's great mom aren't welcoming. Not right. I'm. GML. It -- it was certainly love television today while. You know. There's a lot going on the first law I think we should -- -- note for the record the tragedy in Arizona yeah imagine after. The what is -- it was hard for me shake yet yeah the whole show I kept thinking about nineteen lives lost trying so hard to help. Others selflessly and and really than the details were terrified average age when he -- So many of them family men. And there are all tighten it it's all that community immunity would be warned that Prescott -- on his own. And then there's one picture that was out less on Twitter this morning of twenty guys. Standing together and and their union and nineteen of them are gone and they're young man in many cases very early on into building their families and as you said -- spending time with these firefighters out there. They are the most wonderful -- -- dynamic. Men and women they do this because they have a passion for play and because they're all doing the same work the families are also tightened close together. The loss is on the imagine. Yeah when fire continues to rage -- Hennessey zero. Pond and then we're gonna covering it -- the long in nineteen lives lost firefighters all of them and they -- If -- using a last resort where they get into this type attacks that's got a little bit oxygen the hope being that the fire kind of -- -- of real. Anything personal look at -- because -- you explain it on the basis you pull it up. So send you is -- to send -- -- like -- it's a slipping back into really didn't think gets to dot. I mean it's -- -- it's one of the most dangerous situations you could ever put a human being in need -- imagine being -- -- wildfire where everything around you -- burning the winds are changing everything's garner it's pitch black because it here -- covered in this this smoke. And all of a sudden there's like a a flash over where everything around you at the same time can be calm the combustible temperature. At the same time so everything just kind of goes up sucks all the auction now -- creates this completely. Toxic smoke and and you have few seconds and five seconds to. Drop your helmet. Your. I wearing the goggles your pack because everything on you will melt at a certain temperature -- about 300 something degrees -- And so. You have to drop everything so -- doesn't melt on new you have to pull this thing out you shake it out you stick your head and at your feet in and you dropped to the ground. On your weight down you'll have a certain amount of air in there and you may have to be in there for quite a long time that's the only air you have to breathe. And the air actually is supposed to create a little thermal barrier that and the cover itself. Between the temperatures which will be outside in the hundreds 500 degrees maybe more. And you inside just lay there until you think it's okay to come out. But it is the last resort if it doesn't. Necessarily mean you're gonna live but it's your last -- -- -- -- or leave firefighters -- said he had never had them days. In very -- service because you -- goal -- -- never be caught in the situation because they try to deal violates right in the tragedy of fire breaks ahead ahead of them so they know where the fire -- They're very. You don't just fastidious about with the wind direction and -- are these guys are they don't just typically just run him in there without any support. So it is supposed to be your very very last resort when everything's gone. You know I -- Frank I hate how right you again but you know -- couple months ago you said with a fire season -- in the west. The -- setting up again our thoughts and prayers are with all of southern Arizona as they struggle to put back together alive -- recently. Also -- we end a lot off on the show as -- Monday. On Monday that sometime he's in the Monday sometimes is what happens sometimes the news world is beginning. Q for -- in what was a tough -- -- really inspirational story the end I. I -- never heard that story before and I know something in the sports world that you knew about this and give us a little -- it is very quickly he was a player who made huge play you know -- Katrina hit New Orleans they almost. They almost mothballed the superdome looks football stadium that -- such was the obviously the devastation wrought on that city. But it became obviously a refugee center. Became a place -- savvy people lost their lives. And they didn't know what they -- gonna do in 2006 it was rebuilt. The having the first team in that stadium and I -- he -- still painting. Good minutes before game time and -- made a pledge he blocked the punt was comfort -- I've never heard -- about how about she was there. Never heard an ovation -- -- I mean that was a CD back a city got a lot of people would ask in mainstream media should be even rebuild. Until that moment right -- and I I'll never forget it I'll never forget it Colleen ESPN Mike to -- -- lot you can hear the emotion is what Smith call. He becomes a cult figure. -- he's diagnosed -- us and he -- it really came home he was walking across the street with his wife -- -- and he fell over. Front front things first and couldn't put his hands -- some small. So he has outlived every expectation he continues to live life and it was just ended he just had he he would -- Simple as saying scheme that will I will certainly take away and then we were talking after the show you were saying. They were talking with something personal and and I -- that I I gave -- piece of advice based on your piece. You know that he just sort of back out into the glass half full out -- the way he. The way he is continuing to live his life. And with no -- wouldn't -- at all at all just wants to find new ways to live as full -- life as -- -- cash and that's a great takeaway. -- idea that they LS would do something like that in such a short amount of time history and visiting bankers does how healthy an act and a and an athlete this -- And then what was that 2011. Then you look at the pictures today where he he communicates. -- nothing moves except you can move his -- to communicate on the screen how cold that he -- that he -- -- -- with his -- his -- didn't think he can write like that. He it's an insidious disease because it takes we embodiment does not take -- -- mind. That is until we -- -- and -- they've even had to you you know as he would lose muscle groups -- he would he would be like yes would be. Raise their eyebrows twice. And so didn't when you lose that muscle you gotta find another muscle to say yes and sort of his Odyssey for life message keep keep on going and so you know him move figure out another way to now let's show so -- that was I think our show today it was. A lot of hot dogs and now find a way to keep on and yeah I think that's a great money take away let's let's let's turn. And like let's -- into positive in every single day this week when you're feeling blue or down or whatever says. Just sort of find the -- and that's not a -- message titled the airline each other -- -- -- -- you know field -- how to comfort. Let's -- that 100 on -- right now live from CNN adopted a couple this. Okay. I was innocent accident on -- and I wasn't sure you know what I thought about. Last week to kind of nice if it's huge -- -- -- -- I I don't know I didn't think we don't talk about eight. Why -- growing -- -- -- strange he's rolling his -- all the way a strong move the playground. They're out -- and I even got death unless I'm busy as a big turning -- -- the whole thing I don't know. Pop pop pop pop pop pop and finally got their that was a long track -- -- -- good laugh today. For me this is good -- didn't -- in his -- his right guys I didn't in pop news it would not even seen the first thing in. The rapidly Bryant Miller reducing -- If you will this -- -- crowding. Admittedly an it would have ended on with the -- and train track but -- them I would have to explain that the dogs -- fine and beat the so they are better than you're gonna hear this. Let's bring our guest and yeah -- -- -- on for us right. -- -- Pictures. They look like they were done by a professional. I mean really tremendous. A word -- and global war that's want to unloading a look at another Latin. -- -- -- -- -- -- Then that we want to know how you do it number one how he got started all -- -- -- -- strategy. Hello. I start with Knight can take pictures of the background that you. Like that pictures -- late. Night -- -- out of popsicle sticks and candles and -- and Simon and then I cheated picture of the people and try to match -- -- as close as possible easing program. Do you use on the computer to do all this Photoshop Photoshop so -- -- it's now Photoshop is that what got. A thousand different advancements and voters really can -- that's amazing to club I mean tickets actually really sort of basic Photoshop stuff. Just coming -- about -- not only Saddam and his son and I think there's nothing purely about her work at all. What was your inspiration isn't all that sort of small people think -- -- -- -- clearly some start at. Seen video of its. A lot of the pictures assertive. Go how to involve -- sort of Pontiac have at the moment so like a lot of pictures now have like flights in them didn't and I'm building a lot of model plane that moment than than a little while ago lot of pictures on cars and -- -- -- -- and. And then before that there is origami and play I saw that election or gotten -- -- -- -- fourteen is this do you have any -- would you like to do with this long term. -- I'm I mean -- in making a book next possibly. We have some ideas. About sort of storybook type. You are already making me feel like he believes he is fourteen year old yeah. Yes well -- really remarkable -- collected bottle cap according. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we think you're pretty cool to have family say congratulations for getting a lot of attention on line. You you're working now against -- -- really really -- lately. -- military it's a Flickr account and that's flicker without the EU write -- saddle oak got word press dot com. They love that -- -- Diana my blog. -- dot com insists the website that and I you know the other pictures little -- dot com. That everybody -- Good news. What in the latest assignment and -- -- at 8 -- and that's our -- of the -- -- -- Here's your head of the day. Nancy I'm gonna win. In nineteen yeah. Danger -- This horrible this is actually what is happening here. Had been cut not yet not known this prior to -- area. About backup pat -- did you feel the walrus doing that. -- -- -- What can I guess I did not meant that -- like I think. Aren't honor reasonably and I -- that we don't you know the one I'm John about it that would put me in the home. We want -- you are balancing the. Please learn yeah. -- -- They know. Okay.

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{"id":19542651,"title":"GMA LIVE (07.01.13)","duration":"13:54","description":"Josh, Sam and Lara revisit the touching story of Steve Gleason and see amazing photoshop work.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-070113-19542651","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}