GMA LIVE (09.13.13)

'GMA' anchors take a look at the most 'LOL' moments from GMA Live.
11:48 | 09/13/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (09.13.13)
And welcome to another edition of GA may live Friday we're gonna take a look back at some of the best moments from GMA. And -- alive this past -- -- you can all enjoy them. All over again we hope you have a great weekend and we will see you right back here Monday at 9 AM eastern daylight for more GM -- They're actually have -- -- Welcome back. Football -- What a night. Yeah. George. And Leon County Saturday killing. -- -- -- football season is here you're trying to lose -- For a new study published in the journal psychological science shows that. The Monday after a football game people who cities whose team lost this Sunday night game. Paying more calories and fatty partly that. -- -- -- -- 5% fewer. Okay. The only thing all this morning with me dancing because I'm not sure the red the -- Could hear Lady Gaga but it might -- Hot bad news this morning for -- -- caps. A new study shiny nose body parts are loved ones people find universally on the healing I don't know how -- women agreed upon this -- It also showed some differences between the genders for example now. -- his morning moments sexy body parts when -- little more traditional defining second pillar and shoulder -- In the not -- -- I. This morning some of -- -- -- a hard time. Somebody got summer admittedly self and this is often the case for our friend -- Do you still trying desperately to -- a life of a pool party. So you know walking up to -- Mom and yeah. Continues maybe. -- feel very hot so. Here's. Cabinet filling was -- It's like -- and ten year. We're taking down a notch to -- pat Downey once taught me. -- -- -- A. And now. Another child -- -- three year old -- didn't -- was. Optional on the search for his hometown pay for the family did vote for -- Caught a little -- catching waves in world back -- right yeah. Yeah apparently tripped and has been -- warning has his -- and also gave board and -- -- -- -- up training wheels. What turned out all right pat on the way and get it. Yeah I'm while UK for I learned that editorial I actually since -- spent years -- the digital. -- Yeah. -- yeah. -- -- -- -- I'll tell you we are -- -- talent on the remember. A mystery in Tacoma Washington. A man calls 911 at 1 o'clock in the morning to report. I'm stuck in the -- Rushing in cutting into the wall brick by brick using an -- chiseled away. We know why he went in there they don't suspect him of any criminal behavior it's an old apartment building and she -- doesn't happening outside opening anymore today. Think we need is making -- -- repairs. Or he was playing hide and seek -- -- and what it's more complicated than that because he's not saying. So there must be something -- -- so he. -- any idea yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- Police are -- -- of all of us. I don't know -- Following reason. And I would also okay. -- -- -- -- Do -- -- you afraid of putting on or not. -- -- -- I. Reflecting -- -- You're going to -- Halloween party and. Start sweating and it's a mess and it's never fun -- I don't think. -- -- -- -- -- -- Because -- we get a chance respectful. Because this is GMA -- by the way all week long -- at all and so we on Monday we went uptown here -- -- -- back to Columbia. -- yesterday Lara who has a competitive diver. -- that's all one really bad we didn't get to share. I think I -- production when -- -- a look at the most beautiful campus and there. It was a beautiful place to go to school in. -- -- -- -- -- -- I needed it's hard to go back there not gotten pregnant colleague a great memories of -- school. Yeah its a great great college student Justin. Let's make your television -- Why don't you played -- that big. -- really at all sure had a good luck. Today's planned -- day. It's always nice when fathers and daughters can spend time together some playing tennis basketball soccer. But what if your daughter likes weightlifting. -- -- -- Dmitry cro cop has a how many. Help I got that other many personal trainer and daughter like to join dad in the gym she's got a future -- I love it this. Rather than making a version when he was -- you did. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey -- -- like the name right now but I don't I don't know got a right to that the big news Vietnam. -- -- -- -- -- -- Gotten that -- PCW find your own car and speaking now. Drum roll please do. All did -- show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- of the classic big man I tell you looking. Tested me. Could not -- my my -- brown sugar. I -- it. Yeah. Spirit had not. And New -- show. This setup there's a -- learning there. There -- are probably coming into retreat Caucasian -- -- actually this is what it's like this is what does the -- and organizing a highly -- is on the big shot today this is. I did not make him do that again. It's amazing by the way. Dick it is eight. The standards -- to -- out a deal was today. You I'm telling you. You want to have great -- reports.

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{"id":20248366,"title":"GMA LIVE (09.13.13)","duration":"11:48","description":"'GMA' anchors take a look at the most 'LOL' moments from GMA Live.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-091313-20248366","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}