GMA LIVE! (12.31.12)

Watch "GMA LIVE!" With Dan Abrams, Ginger Zee and Rachel Smith From Times Square.
3:00 | 12/31/12

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (12.31.12)
Okay. CN mail all day we are selling you our favorite moments in the morning we're showing you what goes. -- -- behind the scenes -- -- ginger CN Rachel Smith here. And this is your first GMA live which is I'm -- very exciting moment. I don't end up front and building at one Times Square with Ali's first army in the Enron over here and take his bonds and explain to -- -- you've got your very quickly -- -- said -- was just does not actually going to be here with the SEC. As she takes off my clothes were on hand farmers can't -- thank -- very I'm. Leak came down from the the tower one times -- that's funny three stories I believe happened. No one's -- we will need to switch behind you -- were joking on the air but the activities which I wanted to know it didn't eat that switch accident more. It does not -- they -- that they that's connected in some other way. I I -- to -- that last year just for -- and it's really easy it's hard really seem that the person has to do it live -- -- really all the time man. Well orchestrated machine up next and the next thing. He's like a switch that does it as opposed to just to sort of electronic set up -- -- backups current. -- -- sort of interested in this thing you don't know a lot of odds. -- That had something now it did not want you wouldn't when -- haven't gotten and then you see it in a picture it's much different when expect. Yeah. Again today neverland wishing everyone we got a big nice crowd here -- -- And. OK. Here in New York City and our are preparing for many hours away. Doesn't change the fact that in certain places obviously. It is already 2013. Overshot -- celebrate. -- -- -- What are we got her up plans for the the big. Did not claim you know I don't make many planned on news the united -- called an overwhelming and so let me -- -- let me button. So that's your viewers if you're gonna be working until -- Netflix -- yeah NAFTA that I don't I believe don't know why do you don't have. And that I've got to the party that tango two you know possible aliases -- -- -- OK. Yeah. For me and maybe -- can have a -- isn't in my environment. Watching you have to have. When he got I'm keeping a low key hang out my best friend and her boyfriend -- and -- Hit a friend of theirs RE site at some party -- yeah that's what I know. They are friends -- And that sadly is investigator ray yeah does plan Mount -- -- with with malevolent I've got -- when they can't let go a little baby so I've got a six. Old babies yeah thank you. I went through the pictures that we can even sit on. I don't know I noticed yet so that I got delegated to put up on Clinton. -- -- -- -- -- is his first new year and you know -- they have little baby it's not the -- like amnesty to assertive you know doing much did anything going -- not about -- I -- not that strikes -- now it is time we are having a big night with some other friends of -- -- have a child somewhere around the same -- and we -- good to rocket to -- them -- -- yes. I had a lot of and -- the are probably just as the coverage starts -- -- get -- head home. So it's you know and what about resolutions New Year's resolutions. And the and. And -- I'm yeah yeah how -- and my friend who inspired me a little learn how to play to get time. And -- It's -- o'clock and he had it a year isn't happy try taking guitar lessons in college. Didn't work out celebs languages and you point did you -- That's an Alan Bennett who didn't intend to my musical side didn't work out that may be and when he that he knew well in -- Wendy she's yeah. I had -- yeah on the hill senate he sang something about myself we -- other people about there. Resolution I'm just gonna show you an idea of training -- it we go to player classify people and you fix you can't that layer after -- it's not the greatest. Out that. Remember if that he sat waiting hand and let -- come my hubby and kids -- -- needed to meet. You go Lisa FF one resolution that made and trial is to keep his best to rise above the little things. I haven't got one now and try to keep that -- myself and a and to DMA live -- you -- have to say as New Year's resolution for you one act of random kindness every day had there. And finally to discover what makes me truly happy however or whatever it takes hadn't gonna find it. -- Genovese with yes. Making me happy today being on him in Latin and -- in -- view of the couldn't. -- Hi Daryn if I am -- detonated an -- before. The -- I think he did -- we wait for -- out to address tonight it's time barred GMA -- -- he made this morning our nick -- got a chance to -- out his Los Angeles fantasy. Hinton on drives that followed him and that every minute this is my -- Cadillac. -- -- -- Nine shows like the bad joke yeah and that he hired -- rat -- exactly basically and he hired -- he hired an onto rise in the Afghan. Actually when he does do that and then laugh at his jokes. Mattel and yes he -- amazing yeah yes I mean basically look like the next big brooding and people are wondering who Gosling is that I don't think. Yeah well as many as -- feelings they have I was aware of and that spending more cameras and -- Yeah -- -- -- -- about it about it. And I gotta -- Wonder like how much doesn't like war you know everything that some people would do it like casino it's time like doing to get in the -- into this that'll be -- -- know you'll like this I'm that's excessive -- My whole like posse around you and you've got you know the for the car in the -- Cary yes especially elegant place like Collie -- their money will putting it acts I don't know I -- -- -- about that they don't make up a story and I -- -- -- like who I wouldn't she be like it. You set up daily about the I think they've heard there isn't my viewpoint itself that's more fun -- comedian nick and -- -- it. I think we did they let it like having your -- on horizon when it really feels like so why did -- looks vehemently and help us out here yeah. Fat. Is that a separate. A little -- -- this is a great point you guys gonna love it's not a heretic. What are your attorneys -- work. -- -- -- -- All that's -- there. Big city Ali yeah right and that would really. Really you know -- look -- good movement. Have told him then the -- -- and yes thank you thank you this is getting ready if it is a you know. Being able to tell that you can get that kind of laugh yeah that's worse -- -- -- -- -- about with a. And the big prize I couldn't help -- the press ahead with hope you know we haven't shared I don't know we need to but we -- how long a couple of weeks whether. Frank depth and generally. Still -- we've had a snowstorm the Ben holiday traffic you know it's never really not -- have that many issues so that's good news here's leave here not too much inclement weather had just 35 agreement that temperature of at mid twentieth -- very average incentives like back in 1917 with one degrees analyst with eighteen below. Highest it's ever -- here's my weather nerdy net. India -- the mid fifties but anyway -- your forecast for tomorrow. Because when he is sorry your whole new -- started right out the B 53 that rain and thunderstorms moving into the southeast. And New York will only -- -- 41 it will get a whole lot colder want to warn both of you and all of you get here in New York City. Wednesday Thursday. A lot colder so I don't -- Kelly. -- -- I would I that would make -- -- -- I had to cover -- -- -- For New -- and and I was out there it was really cold and I remember. I'm thinking wow these people are out here Times Square. And they're braving the cold every year for our -- yeah there is an electricity there they're -- I'm not yet I'm not saying he should do it he shouldn't do it but it's not that people are crazy that needs something to being there -- Times Square. And they're right there. Or that meeting and -- is especially for those that are enjoy for the first time. Yeah okay. -- and I got -- this -- sends me on Twitter I was I'm always asking people and it's about a first for a little baby. Name's Emma -- and -- way to check it out. -- never seen snow before yeah. -- hope she can no longer. An island Portsmouth Rhode Island. How crazy is. Dead set. Often it is absolutely and it will -- -- -- lessons from the home. Isn't and -- and Hannity telling them. -- and ignorance of the porch. -- -- -- -- -- Israeli -- stunned by the snell. Just let me understand this I wasn't -- whether I was pretty -- you only get this that is actually get I think now we is. I'll give them but yeah. And I knew OK if you had to say yes and the thing reactions -- I'm so glad -- Nancy you a little pop let's get -- -- more hot news. A little extra tidbit for you guys now that has. There's really no bigger cotton is headline right now than a cooler so if -- -- -- I didn't know until this morning can -- -- -- -- -- just -- LA Seattle is like breaking overnight -- so many US announcing that his girlfriend came crashing is pregnant. On stage additionally New Jersey last night in of course the news. Has gotten that Kardashian clan let's -- there -- sisters Kourtney Khloe beside themselves with excitement I know how they were able to. Keeping the secret amongst secondly they're so many -- -- and fifth. -- me with many platforms and yeah that I -- I Selanne. Lets see I think. Let's look at -- -- -- -- -- tweets -- -- says it -- wait to shout from the -- that joy and hiking and other angels welcome to my family overwhelmed with excitement you know she's got two kids. I'm ready with -- sick and then that Khloe Kardashian Odom Chiming in keeping secrets. It's hard when they're telling -- emailing members -- -- -- when you are so freaking excited. The -- is everything -- heated that clothing line. That friendship that aren't asking well on the way -- Yes I now wonder. A case and that you know we weren't talking about this earlier is it too early to start throwing out names. Yeah. And with it. Any idea set -- I think it. Well yeah. -- it became Red -- -- and room -- Chris Pringle. Chris Chris Chris crane are in now let's not hate me now -- -- -- have a clue he can consume content. That's a nice lamented adding I don't know if you -- and in the end. In the -- Let's see what the look and yeah. I don't -- again they -- Hundred CNN. Lansing -- yeah clearly not happy -- yeah. Now but the current and. Can't -- -- Kim. Need some help yes -- website DD Just released their list of the best and worst celebrity baby names of 2000 quiet let's hear some others aren't so what they said the best names for boys -- got Luka crews. Yeah Hillary -- on. And all right those are all night -- not so honorable mentions. A lion. And then cash today and avoid. OK yes cascade aren't that how do you want to get what DJ he had the lion is a little bit more troubled -- And edited it and it -- for you and get what I don't think captures that it hasn't. Hank and I sit may have paid now -- -- -- -- Hands and then there's Blue Ivy is shocking to me what do you can CN. I can and understands girls are Blue Ivy in the tense yet again what is the yellow bottle for -- Hello I'm very on the -- and yes and it felt the Blue Ivy Danielle that he is how Watson DC. Jay-Z and beyoncé on like -- -- excellence and and learning better and trade mired so he -- -- -- erotic yeah. And that's the advantage of being their child if you can be named -- anything and it's still going to be cool. Yeah clearly not on the list the audience right and I don't know -- -- as -- -- we're getting attended -- Melissa littlest I don't know they're gonna think they care. It -- it they've been named on this this looks. Then -- right a great pains to say yeah I guess these are kind of basic we've got sort of the basics here right now you've got a classic old movies -- most of. To their dogs and cats -- names again until you're not yeah. Hello Randy Jackson defense -- -- Angry -- in the air like yeah yes put our apple cider -- cheers and. Access and campaign staff from my inaugural week day GMA -- Like I'm actually mitigated it went public based all the help I got them thank you all appreciate it and -- do -- -- -- afternoon.

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