'GMA' Weather Guru Sam Champion's Final Weather Chat

Champion reports on the weather across the country on last day as weather editor for ABC.
3:00 | 12/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Weather Guru Sam Champion's Final Weather Chat
And right now, it's time for one final check of the weather with our sam champion. Shall we? Let's go. May we escort you? You know, it's good because you mention this is always the best part of your job. And it's the best part of ours because this is your show. And so, as we say good-bye to sam, we're all -- guys, this is. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you for coming out. Thank you. Your hands are so cold. I will stand here and warm them all up. How's that? Each one. Good morning, everybody. Good morning. Thank you, guys, for coming. Santas, everybody working down there. I see you, arkansas. It's your birthday? It's your birthday? Happy birthday. Tell me your name? Priscilla sanchez. Welcome in. We're glad you are sharing your birthday with us. Let's get to the boards. There's a picture I wanted you to see. The lovely ginger zee. I don't have any monitor out here. There it is. There's the lovely ginger zee. You can use this. No. I actually physically need the pictures. I'm not going to do it without them. And by the way, here's a little five-day of atlanta. Wow. What do you know? Get ready, atlanta. Get ready, atlanta. It's a little cool. I don't know if I can handlehe 70s. CAN I HANDLE THE 70s, ATLANTA? Here's the map. 61 in l.A. And the rest is all there for you. And good morning. I'm meteorologist cindy fitzgibbon. 36 in boston with the sunshine. Still a little colder in the suburbs. WE GO MID AND UPPER 40s WITH Sunshine. Today we've got the clouds. A few showers, but it's in the 50's. Steadier rain on friday that I'll talk to you guys in just a second. All that weather is brought to you by the university of phoenix. Can we see that picture of ginger zee one more time? We're going to talk to our ginger. I didn't purposely send her to denver, the coldest place. That's a lie. I did not. We're going to talk to ginger in just a minute. And I can't wait. One last time. Everybody, the great samuel j. Champion.

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{"id":21093207,"title":"'GMA' Weather Guru Sam Champion's Final Weather Chat","duration":"3:00","description":"Champion reports on the weather across the country on last day as weather editor for ABC.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-weather-guru-sam-champions-final-weather-chat-21093207","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}