Get the Hottest Wedding Trends Without Breaking the Bank

"GMA's" own brides-to-be on a budget take you inside the New York magazine wedding expo.
3:36 | 04/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Get the Hottest Wedding Trends Without Breaking the Bank
Now, for our bride-to-be on a budget extravaganza. "Gma's" two brides, ginger zee and Sara Haines, teamed up to show us how they save thousands on getting married. And some of the hottest trends. Look at those two, in weddings this season. Reporter: For any blushing bride to be. It's happening. We're getting married. Reporter: The planning process can be a bit overwhelming. We have a lot to learn. That's why we wedded to the "New York" magazine's it show for weddings. This is one-stop shop for anything. Flowers, jewelry, dancing lessons. I'm seeing the promotion. A lot of women are coming through. A lot of brides. Get ready. Rr: First up, invites. This season, it's all about metallics. There's so much elegance. So much energy. We wish Catherine and Blake the very best. Hi. I love a man that can bake. But I'm taken. Sorry. Reporter: White cakes are out. Macaroons in. They're superdelicate and indulgent. They make a nice alternative to cakes. Look at that. You can take a little cookie home with you. Reporter: Up next, flowers. The trend, go wild. We have lavender in here. Garden roses. Peonies. It's like a fun look. I can't decide. I'm going to carry them all. Reporter: Finally, our favorite. The dress. Low backs, lace and gowns of a different color are all the rage. Not seeing a lot of fluffy. Brides are opting for dresses that are a little more fitted to their bodies. This is beautiful taffeta. And here, you have the blush cameo. Are you ready to try it on? My favorite part. We're the most graceful models they've had yet. We might have had a little too much fun at that expo. Good expo. Good times. One of the tips we gave earlier in the week, you can Brent bridesmaids dresses to save money. You can rent the actual dress. This dress retails at $890, it's a Badgley mischka. And mine is a Badgley mischka, too. I know people want to buy their dresses, which, totally understand. But you can save 10% to 70%, by going to sample sales. And you can find one in your area by checking out sites like And you saw the bouquet, wild is the way to go. Go cheaper is by going smaller. That's a trend, too. Or a DIY. But the florists we know are the experts. And venues can cost on average, $3,388. Go to a park or a parents' house or a friend's house. What's a wedding without a little celebration. Save some money. Open bars can cost $2,200. A huge part. This would be a signature cocktail. Then one red wine and one white wine. Really saves you a lot. These are our tips. They work for us. Yes. Hopefully, you can find them helpful, as well.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"\"GMA's\" own brides-to-be on a budget take you inside the New York magazine wedding expo.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23376593","title":"Get the Hottest Wedding Trends Without Breaking the Bank","url":"/GMA/video/gma-wedding-hottest-wedding-trends-break-bank-23376593"}