Golden Eagle Grabs Baby Video Exposed as Fake

Students who created a viral video of an eagle snatching a baby discuss how they made it.
2:14 | 12/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Golden Eagle Grabs Baby Video Exposed as Fake
Lara, this video sparked debate in workplaces across the country. Even george and elizabeth going back and forth on this one. Turns out, some talented kids nailed a class project and baffles so many of us. We hear from the kids, get a closer look at the video and find out how they did it. Millions have seen it. If you haven't, check it out. Oh, . Oh. Reporter: An eagle swoops in and snatches a toddler at a park. Whoa. Real or fake? The answer, fake. The clever work of some animation students in montreal. I was shocked. I don't know it went viral that quick. I knew it had potential. But I didn't know it would spread around the globe. Reporter:2 miliewers in the first 24 hours, joining the ranks of other hoaxes to come out of the same school. Like this memorable escaped pe and these miniature flying cars. Do they do it? Clearly, this is fake. They shot some video footage here. And they used over-the-counter software to create a 3d bird and baby. There is a real baby at the end, that allows them to pull off their tricks. Reporter: Joel payne has been a tv animator for three decades. They shot this in a clever way. They shot the video and panned the camera, as if they were following a bird. But the bird wasn't really there shooting the footage. They had to add that. They had to model a digital double of the kid. Reporter: We might give them an "a." But the eagle wasn't picture-perfect. Watch the eagle's wing. All of a sudden, they disappear, mid flight. Wing, then, no wing. Now, look at the eagle's shadow. It appears. Then, disappears. Then, reappears. Making it look true to everybody. Reporter: The latest, but by know means the last viral video hoax to captivate us. Experts say, even amateurs can spread their wings. Finally, everybody, if you really want to create an internet sensation, do the exact opposite of that old adage in showbiz. If you're looking to go viral, always work with children and animals.

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{"id":18024495,"title":"Golden Eagle Grabs Baby Video Exposed as Fake","duration":"2:14","description":"Students who created a viral video of an eagle snatching a baby discuss how they made it.","url":"/GMA/video/golden-eagle-grabs-baby-video-exposed-fake-18024495","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}