Golden Globes Preview: Who Has the Best Chances of Winning?

ABC News contributor Chris Connelly tracks all the buzz around one of Hollywood's biggest nights.
3:32 | 01/11/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Golden Globes Preview: Who Has the Best Chances of Winning?
? ? ? We are hours away from one of the biggest nights in Hollywood. The golden globes awards and millions will be watching to find out who goes home a winner and ABC's Chris Connelly joining us from Los Angeles with more. On what to expect. Chris, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, everybody. It's nice to be ready for the golden globes. So we know that Amy Poehler and Tina fey are hosting yet again this year. Have they given us any indication what to expect? I understand that they've said that anything is fair game. That could even mean a bill Cosby joke of some kind if there is any humor to be found in the bill Cosby situation. What they've made their reputation on is being funny about people in the room. Fearlessly funny the way they've told jokes about James Cameron or George Clooney. Maybe tonight we get to see Amal Clooney laughing for the first time. Speaking of Amal George Clooney will receive the Cecil B. Demille award. Why is he winning it so early. Will there be an Amal sighting? What's better than hearing a 53-year-old man is too young for anything in Hollywood. That's a miracle. George stands right next to Angelina Jolie and maybe Meryl Streep as the ultimate Hollywood ambassador. Been in successful films and directed and produced. He's looked out for innovative filmmakers like Steven soderbergh and Kohn brothers and work in darfur and telethons for 9/11 and Haiti and Katrina so he is a perfect representative for Hollywood and ideal to get the Cecil B. Demille awards. Who are the front-runners say for best drama? You know, mysteries abound this year, Dan. Usually we have front-runners that we're certain about. This year, there's a lot still to be determined. I look at that best drama category and I see "Boyhood" as your most likely choice. A critic's group. 84 foreign film critics vote for it and "Boyhood" has been a favorite for them from the beginning. I like its chances and think "Selma," though, has a great chance and if it does win, it emerges as an Oscar front-runner. I haven't seen "Selma" but "Boyhood" can crede. I don't think I have seen any of those movies. Three kids is a pretty good excuse. Best comedy. I think -- I definitely think even though you might not think of it as a comedy "Birdman" is the likely choice and "Birdman" if it does win this category positions itself as a contender for the oscars and get the nominations for those later on this week. "Birdman" is a highly acclaimed movie. It's certainly going to do wonderful things for Michael Keaton who is a likely best actor comedy or musical winner tonight. So I think that's a fairly likely choice in this category. And, well, you've mentioned it already but let's go through the other best actor contenders. Well, here again I think you want to be leaning forward on your couch when best actor drama comes up. Michael Keaton is definitely a contender as we look forward but who wins this category? Actor drama might be his best rival, I like the idea of Eddie redmayne from "The theory of everything" winning in this category. But there are lots of other good performance, Benedict Cumberbatch also certainly a likely choice for the "The imitation game" but I'm going to go with redmayne. I think he positions himself well for the oscars if he wins tonight but who knows? Who knows, Chris Connelly, thanks for the reminder I think we need to get out more and see some of these great -- I'm reminded not infrequently of ha.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"ABC News contributor Chris Connelly tracks all the buzz around one of Hollywood's biggest nights.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28147897","title":"Golden Globes Preview: Who Has the Best Chances of Winning?","url":"/GMA/video/golden-globes-preview-best-chances-winning-28147897"}