Good Housekeeping's top picks for sun protection this summer

The magazine's style director, Lori Bergamotto, appears live on "GMA" to discuss sun protection options beyond just sunscreen, including umbrellas and UV patches.
4:47 | 05/26/17

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Transcript for Good Housekeeping's top picks for sun protection this summer
day weekend for the best product to protect your family from the sun. That is very porch. We all know to wear sunscreen but now there's new tools to help. That's right. Lori bergamotto the style director for "Good housekeeping" magazine is here with some consumer lab sunovations. We'll start talking about upf, ultra violent protection factor and you'll find that in clothes. Bring out first model Tatiana. A look you'll see on the beach. Everybody needs this. It has a upf of 50. It's different than spf so I'll try to make the science easy. What it measures is the rays coming through the clothing so with the upf of 50, only 2% of uv rays are coming through so you're well protected. We know this is a beach look but wanted to show you can be protected all the time even at work so if Sam will come on out. This is from land's end. And like I mentioned upf 50 because it's woven so tightly and doesn't read bathing suit and can take it to work. So there you have it. They make clothes for men -- Women's, men's and kids. I'm covered too. Michael and Amy. Maybe you don't want to go out and buy a ton of upf clothing. This is called sunguard, the wind has knocked it over but what this does, Y put it in your laundry and do your wash up to 20 times under 5 bucks and boosts the upf of whatever you have. This dress you have although that looks like it's dry cleaning. T-shirt, jeans. A regular t-shirt has a upf of 5. If you use it it boosts it up to 30. Wow, so there you go. Okay, so now we've carried -- talked about upf. Let's talk about monitoring your spf. We all know to put it but the reapplication can be tricky so we'll bring a familiar face in here. Mara. And her beautiful family. We have three sunovatins. The my uv patch free with any sunscreen you buy from them and attaches to an app and allows you to know how much uv exposure you're getting and stays on for three days. As the patch gets darker, that's alerting you you're getting too much sun exposure. Will you have a circle on your arm. It goes on and off like a little banddade. No weird tan lines. You put sunscreen over it too but for kids, miss Nina, hi, baby girl. Can we see your cool band? This is from sunburn alert. It works with any sunscreen. As the more red it gets, it's an alert to parents time to reapply the sunscreen and works even for -- Hi. Hi. So you can see these diapers. Little swim pants, looks like this without uv exposure and you can see this one here, the scene is starting to form and if the froggy gets dark prolonged exposure and pull the baby out of the sun. What about your eyes? We all want to look cool. Thanks, Mara. Thank you, Mara. Thank you, babies. Bye. So for sunglasses there are a few things you want to look for. 100% uva/uvb protection. What you'll see, we lost our tags here. Here we go. What you'll see, we got these at the drugstore. 100% uva/uvb. Look good on you. And for the fashion H&M you might see uv 400. That means you're well protected or go a little higher from electric, you'll get a little chart so, you know, uv 400, 100% uva/uvb protected and electric ones have melanin in them which acts like spf 140 for your eyes. One other quick thing, polarized does not mean it protects you from the sun. It just reduces glare. I just found that out. Wow. Good to know. In now that you're ready to go to the beach you need some good gear so, Michael, do you know what's in there? Put that on. Let's see how you look with that backpack. Like a fanny pack. It's a beach umbrella. Put it over your shoulder. I want to show you. This is what Michael is holding. Leap for life. How nice is that? Actually upf 50 and you can see how compact. Michael has it so it's nice and compact. But Amy and Michael, if you add this solar panel you can charge your phone using the sun just sitting under there and attaches to your phone and a fan so if you get hot, I mean, what is -- isn't that great? A sunovation if I ever saw one. I wish everyone a good memorial day weekend.

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{"id":47653049,"title":"Good Housekeeping's top picks for sun protection this summer","duration":"4:47","description":"The magazine's style director, Lori Bergamotto, appears live on \"GMA\" to discuss sun protection options beyond just sunscreen, including umbrellas and UV patches. ","url":"/GMA/video/good-housekeepings-top-picks-sun-protection-summer-47653049","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}