Behind the Scenes at the ESPY Awards

ABC News' Charli James talks to some big stars on the red carpet.
4:41 | 07/16/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Behind the Scenes at the ESPY Awards
Welcome to of the awards red carpet I'm standing at the end of the red carpet right now this is turning things need. We are going to be here on the department until recently starred in and not an hour and a half. And will be seen a look at the outfits. At the stars big deal behind the scenes look at what the stars even there on the red carpet. Let's go ahead and we're gonna try to walk down and look at. Hanna let's start in their lot yeah turner. Permanent home and learn about an hour and a half now starts giggling you know it's really didn't really mean yeah. We're live right now on NBC party yeah. Earth and I got anything particular do you worry you're looking at Arlington. Yeah okay. Yeah. I'm yeah she actually. Are there aren't very hard and we'll hear yeah. Think Jennings tonight. And I have turned. Yeah. Below. Great and I am tired isn't this your first step in. My business the end thrilled to be right people who. At that time my parents I think. I was literally. Yeah. It is well diapers and produce agrees empire it's a lot of and that house of Visio home mom bastard execution occurred Saturday night. Needed yeah. I think is hitting unbelievable. Fourteenth century XEQ. It kind of a cross between David bruins' in Braveheart. So it's. I like little kids up and at a movie that was Tom Cruise and he starred in and I'm Ron Howard just bring me. Yeah I didn't meet tonight at gas. I'm excited just to see me athletes accidentally stepped Caribbean and makes it is not hinder relief the only son Mike Tyson. No woman lives Mike Tyson's name closing at just Tripp yeah singing Q you. I think a lot of below and then strip comment on the MTV pounding air and another front. Yeah it's not gonna give into parent parent asteroids may have been a little girl and thrilled that she's getting them. Sentencing I trust this organization and I'm thrilled that they honored. You know an after party. Know what my kids. But there are a couple of good what collecting your kids and I'm like that it's not actually this particular to sadly so. They hear saw their role models make any compelling them itself. Weighs. I live dress and I'm like yeah. And I hand. Lesson that your paintings and yes patsy yeah. Banning it from not clean any of those considerations. Going. Tiger you. Let us know time is of my muscles and honor. Kennedy. Okay. Yeah okay. Totally new movie totally brand. And there are some funds lying references an homage to the original movies but. Really this is a completely fresh start and. Fast. And Beverly DeAngelo. All new mosque. And even look like he's looking continue to follow any news on all platforms. Yeah. Covering all night. Yeah that's your favorite moment. Aren't you never know what can happen in your work without.

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"ABC News' Charli James talks to some big stars on the red carpet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32480535","title":"Behind the Scenes at the ESPY Awards","url":"/GMA/video/gostream-scenes-espy-awards-32480535"}