Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast: Sarah Dessen

Bestselling author and mom Sarah Dessen puts together a classic breakfast.
4:52 | 09/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast: Sarah Dessen
I've been looking forward to this all morning. Really, since we decided to have this great breakfast series. Guess who is coming to breakfast every day this week. Come on over here. Guess who is coming to breakfast. It's a best-selling author, a mom, a huge "gma" fan and viewer. Come on out. Sara. So good to have you. This is a dear friend of mine. I want you to meet her. Sara. We know all about you. So do hundreds of thousands of people. But for those who don't, take a look. I'm sara. I'm a mom and a wife and a corraler of chickens and an owner of dogs. She's a manager of daily household chaos. And a writer. What makes sarah dessen so special to us at "gma." We know she's watching every morning without fail. I love "gma," obviously. It's like you feel like you're just hanging out with your friends in the morning. She's really our ultimate viewer. And knows our family as well as anyone. From our inside jokes. When you hear them refer to, magma, and sam is a teen model, you feel that you're in on the joke and you're part of that. And I think that's a nice feeling. To our brushes with greatness. I remember when josh hit the hockey puck through the hole in the studio. He just fell to his knees and laid on the floor. Thanks to our ability to communicate on social media, she's become a dear friend. Josh just tweeted me. And part of our "gma" family. She was giving you clues. You know, it's what I love about you, that your fans know, that you watch us. And that you're involved. And I just want to say. When we came up with this series, I thought to myself, i wanted to share this with you and with all of you, who show this really is. All of the people who let us into their homes a bit each morning. And you know, we got to know you a couple years ago, see you downstairs. You were tweeting us. It's really about social media and the connectivity. It's been wonderful to have you in our lives. I really wanted to bring you in. Thank you. I mean, this is literally, like, I sound like the biggest nerd, a dream come true. For all of the people who watch every morning like I do with my coffee. And trying to get my kid out the door to school. All of a sudden, can you imagine yourself sitting here? That's what this is. Yesterday I was at home. And today, I'm here. And I feel like I know you guys. It's hard to not -- we have scrambled eggs and bacon. Your tweets are so funny. You have your husband, child, chickens. This is how -- just being able to share so much of yourself. I think part of it is as a writer, you spend a lot of the day by yourself. And also as a mom. A lot of the day with a small child. That's when I got into the show initially. I was home with my daughter. And my husband left early for work. And you guys sort of became my family. Just actual adults that I could speak to. But also, as a writer, you spend all day alone. Twitter is like my water cooler. And I have very cool people around my watercooler. When you tweeted us for the first time. I click on you. And over 200,000 followers. This is a real star in her own right. L.A. Times has called you a rock star in the world of young adult fiction. You have 11 books. The latest is "the moon and moore." If you read it carefully, you might notice some names. You were on her about putting us in there. I did. You begged. You were shameless. You know what is it? At some point sarina's going to read these books. You have four titles in the npr top 100 books of all-time. And sarina's going to read it. And come across it. I would think for an 11-year-old, probably maybe "keeping the moon." As we dig in, it's our way of saying, thank you, to all of you. Thank you for coming with us on this breakfast ride each and every day. And thank you so much, sarah. You really have become just a favorite new friend. Part of the family. And part of the family. Thank you. And eggs and bacon.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Bestselling author and mom Sarah Dessen puts together a classic breakfast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20279931","title":"Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast: Sarah Dessen","url":"/GMA/video/guess-coming-breakfast-sarah-dessen-20279931"}