Gunman fired 30 rounds at California elementary school

Police identified Kevin Neal as the suspect in a series of shootings at seven locations, including the Rancho Tehama School, that left four people killed and 10 more wounded.
3:29 | 11/15/17

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Transcript for Gunman fired 30 rounds at California elementary school
Breaking new deet tails. About the victims and gunmen in a deadly shooting spree in California shooter going on the Rampage killing at least four people opening fire at seven. Different locations including an elementary school. The police are praising the quick thinking staff fare for preventing a tragedy. Our the trashing there are senior national correspondent Matt Gutman is in red bluff California with the latest good morning. Hey good morning Robin that quick thinking principal new. That what they were here in the distance was not firecrackers. But gunfire and immediately put that school on lockdown. Even before getting noticed from law enforcement. And this morning the sheriff is learning more about that suspect. Fourteen people shot. Authorities believed Kevin Neal was the man responsible for terrorizing in northern California community. Shooting Rampage that lasted. 45 minutes be killing spree began at 7:52 AM. The 911 call came in that a person was down. A local home police say Neil then drove shooting as he went to it to him elementary school where he fired at least thirty rounds. And a gunman arrived here literally driving his truck into that school. And that's when he tried to take aim at the students inside the court Ferreira was dropping his daughter all the kindergarten. Shouldn't. You heard rumors she you know I can't and grow and convicted of you know. Moments later the gunman opened fire you for standing by the door as the boats were coming in its. And I turned my back. Are moving. One who. Five year old was shot right in front of the rewrote. But is expected to be OK the school principal is being hailed as a hero this morning. Authorities believe Neil had tried to kill this many students as possible in that tiny school. But was thwarted when the school immediately went on lockdown. According to authorities the frustrated gunman got back into his truck shooting at bystanders on the street. Into residents' homes even at other motorists. We encountered some other people on the road you then took that citizens vehicle. And we're back on his Rampage that citizen was a mother driving her son to school the boy is expected to be okay. But his mother is in critical condition Joseph to book Kile passed the shooter in his vehicle. He drove into a ditch. And I don't know position your neighbors and I ask you locate. Initialled can't let you hop and any. The entire community was on lockdown for nearly 45 minutes when officers finally. Caught up to him. Police officer rammed a vehicle forced off the road. Exchange of gunfire which resulted in the shooters to. FBI forensics teams on multiple scenes overnight. Picking through the evidence including dozens of bullet casings deals mother telling the Associated Press that her son. Coulter a few days before the killing and said. It's all over now I'm on a cliff. And there's nowhere to go. That his mother paints a portrait of a psychologically disturbed man who she says was reaching out for help. We know that Neil had been feuding with his neighbors actually stabbing one of them back in January he was charged with assault with a deadly weapon for that facing prosecution. At a sheriff's office this morning is trying to determine whether or not the guns he had were legal and if not. How he got hold them. Robin so many questions that thank you.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"Police identified Kevin Neal as the suspect in a series of shootings at seven locations, including the Rancho Tehama School, that left four people killed and 10 more wounded.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51161457","title":"Gunman fired 30 rounds at California elementary school","url":"/GMA/video/gunman-fired-30-rounds-california-elementary-school-51161457"}