'High Jumper Bandits' Sought in California Bank Heists

FBI says the three athletic robbers jump on bank counters before escaping on foot.
1:52 | 08/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'High Jumper Bandits' Sought in California Bank Heists
The first group is called the high jumper bandits the three bank robbers are described as black men wearing thick jackets gloves. And goodies and scarves to disguise their faces the FBI says and every robbery so far. They pointed guns at bank tellers even pistol whipping one employee. All of the high seven takeover robberies where they jump over the counter and grabbed cash from tellers before escaping on foot -- Very concerned about the violence associated with the high -- bandits and this place a priority for this office as well as local law. Portland at all of the banks hit -- in San Francisco except for one this one to Cathay Bank on el camino and over and this security camera shows a -- jumping over the counter at cafe bank while another man points a gun at -- The FBI believes the group's first robbery was on April 19 at the Wells Fargo Bank on Irving street. These are video clips from the security camera at that bank. They say they were busy on June 3 robbing two banks the one -- -- break in a metropolitan bank branch on Powell street in San Francisco. The next month they reportedly hit the Bank of America on terror -- -- street. These are pictures from the security camera there. Again the same memo where the robbers take over the bank jump over the counter and commit the robbery by gunpoint. Last Thursday the FBI says the robbers took over the first republic bank on Geary. The agency is also looking for a second bank robber they done this man the -- close bandit because of the clarity of the security video. They believe he -- at least two banks so far he hasn't been as violent as a high jumpers. He's simulating as if he has a a wet -- underneath his clothing he never displays the weapon. And I'm not mistaken he utilizing --

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{"id":19893274,"title":"'High Jumper Bandits' Sought in California Bank Heists","duration":"1:52","description":"FBI says the three athletic robbers jump on bank counters before escaping on foot.","url":"/GMA/video/high-jumper-bandits-sought-california-bank-heists-19893274","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}