Will High School Football Be Banned?

Dr. Richard Besser appears live on "GMA" to weigh in on the recent report that one in 14 high school football players experiences a concussion.
4:14 | 12/05/16

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Transcript for Will High School Football Be Banned?
Now to the new headline overnight about kids and concussions. Raising a big question. Should high school football be banned? Experts are weighing in in the new issue of speed yat IX. Take a look. Concussions in high school football, a tough topic to tackle. According to the institute of medicine, 1 in 14 high school football players will suffer at least one concussion. That risk is 60% higher than the next sport. Yet the sport remains the most popular among high school boys. With more than 1 million taking part in the game. In the latest issue of the medical journal "Pediatrics," some experts are weighing in on should high school football be banned. One of the experts, Dr. Lee was Margolis says it should be band until we can be sure there are no long term detrimental consequences. Having a licensed athletic trainer on site, a physician who is knowledgeable at the concussions at every football game and a clear return to play policy. I think having a discussion at the school, how are we going approach the injury and make sure we deal with it as an appropriate level. And that we're taking it seriously. Joining us now, our chief health and medical Ed terror D. Richard Besser. You ready to take the heat? You have a pediatrician. You have two sons. Where do you weigh in? We know how valuable organized sports are. Leadership. Team skills, winning and losing. The big concern about sfoobl the risk to the brain. We had two sons, we did not allow them to play football. As a pediatrician, when I'm talking to parents, I say sports is great. But I recommend something other than football. You did not allow your boys to play. Should bit banned? That's different. I do not think football should be banned. You know, if you look at all sports, there's a risk of concussion. Football is highest. Mainly because the participation rate is high. Lacrosse, ice hockey. Girl's and women's sock person all con cushions. Our younger son had a concussion playing basketball and soccer. It's not about eliminating all risk. It's about saying are the risks in football acceptable? And can you lower the risk. Other people weigh in and go, hey, it's not just football. It's high. What changes could you get behind? I think there's a lot of things you can do if your foe us is -- focus is safety. Little kids, have them play flag football. When they start playing and they're a little older. Reduce the contact time in practice. You'll see that at the college level. They're saving most of the hard tackling for the game. As you heard in the piece, you want to have a certified athletic trainer on the sideli sideline. You want to make sure they don't report to the coach. If they see a player that was injured, they don't want to worry about the coach being mad at them. Lastly, you know, you want to make sure that you look at other things that are more controversial. Possibly getting rid of the kickoff return. It's so exciting to see someone run the whole field. It's also the most dangerous play in football. You have teams running at full velocity. Start at the 20? Like they do in overtime. Good luck with that. I know. People are like, hands off. We'll hear about it on social media. I want to hear from people. When you looz look at the role high school football lays in communities. It's huge. The school board has to decide what is the most important thing? Is the coach going have a problem if they lose a game or if kids get ING juried? A lot of parents are saying, kids, don't play football. If they don't make it safer, that could cause problems. It's a star-studded morning. Jason Bateman. Steve Harvey. Come on back.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"Dr. Richard Besser appears live on \"GMA\" to weigh in on the recent report that one in 14 high school football players experiences a concussion. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43973141","title":"Will High School Football Be Banned? ","url":"/GMA/video/high-school-football-banned-43973141"}