Hofstra Student Killed by Police During Break-in Shootout

College junior Andrea Rebello is shot by an officer in gun battle with wanted criminal.
2:21 | 05/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hofstra Student Killed by Police During Break-in Shootout
half-hour n the major case of these twins, caught in the middle of a violent home invasion. The young women were from hofstra university. One is now dead. It wasn't the attacker who fired the fatal shot and linzie janis is on the story. Reporter: Such a sad story made even sadder overnight. By a shocking revelation. Saying they mistakenly kill her. As if their grief wasn't already too much to bear, the reality is that she was killed by police gun fire not but an armed intrud intruder. They concluded it was the bullet of a highly-decorated police officer. Fired eight rounds in total. Seven of those rounds struck her. Subject one of those rounds subject the victim. Reporter: During an intense firefight during the cop and the suspect. One of the officer inside with the hostages and the gunman. We have a subject down! Police said that had in the head lock saying I'll kill her. Someone came out to move a car after 2:00 a.M. On friday morning. When smith didn't find what he wanted to the house, he sent the sister's roommate to the atm. Reporter: Overnight, instead of celebrating graduation ceremonies, instead, friends held a memorial. Very sad. She's a very sweet girl. Reporter: Now, jessica, once inseparable from her twin sister and best friend is with relatives mourning her death. Now, questions about the how the officer managed to shoot her, another tough pill to swallow. Dan and bianna, he just got out of jail in february after serving a nine-year sentence, robbery-related charges. Tough day on campus there. Now, let's go back to ron

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{"id":19211035,"title":"Hofstra Student Killed by Police During Break-in Shootout","duration":"2:21","description":"College junior Andrea Rebello is shot by an officer in gun battle with wanted criminal.","url":"/GMA/video/hofstra-student-killed-police-break-shootout-19211035","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}