Hollywood Gathers for the 'BAFTAS'

Winners of the award could indicate who will win Oscars.
3:00 | 02/17/14

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Transcript for Hollywood Gathers for the 'BAFTAS'
We're counting down to Oscar Sunday. Less than two weeks away. One of the big final stops, the british academy of film and television awards. Lama Hasan was there on the red carpet. Welcome to the baftas. Reporter: They are the last major award ceremony before the oscars. Often seen as a predictor of who will win at the academy awards. They kicked off the night with Hollywood's a list kicking off the red carpet. The two big winners of the night, gravity with six awards. 1 years. Reporter: And the historical drama, "12 years a laslave" winning best picture. Jennifer Lawrence taking the best supporting actress award. It makes it a race for the upcoming oskars. Matthew mcconaughey's "Dallas buyer's club" overlooked. Blanchett dedicated her award to Philip Seymour Hoffman. I would like to dedicate this to an actor who has been a continual proproufound presence for me. Reporter: Acting royalty met real-life royalty. Prince William paying tribute to dame Helen mirren. Who I should probably call granny. Reporter: Just a few twists making the oz cars oscars one award ceremony to watch. We'll be there. Time now for the weather. Ginger zee, the latest on the

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{"id":22546804,"title":"Hollywood Gathers for the 'BAFTAS'","duration":"3:00","description":"Winners of the award could indicate who will win Oscars.","url":"/GMA/video/hollywood-gathers-british-academy-film-television-awards-22546804","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}