Mother Identifies Herself As ‘Victim’ in Car Death of Georgia Toddler

Leanna Harris was required to fill out a victim impact statement in the case of her son’s death.
4:05 | 08/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mother Identifies Herself As ‘Victim’ in Car Death of Georgia Toddler
A new development this morning in the case of the Georgia toddler who died after being left for hours in a hot car. This morning the boy's mother is telling her side of the story. Her lawyer says she has reason to believe she may be legally in the clear. You have been following this, Amy. That's right. Good morning. And the D.A. Sent a document that identifies her as a victim in the case of her deceased child. In the document, she describes the amount of grief the death of her son has caused as indefinable. Not a moment goes by when she doesn't think of him and the future. This morning, Leah that Harris, who's son died in June is speaking out on her behalf, saying she is not a suspect in the death of her child. She went from a beautiful, loving family to nothing. How would anybody deal with that? I don't know how she stands up every day. Reporter: Her son, cooper, died after being locked in the father's SUV on a 90 degree day. Justin Harris needing not guilty. His wife has not been charged with a crime, but prosecutors questioned her reaction on the day of the passing. She didn't show any emotion. Reporter: Sending a victim impact statement, requiring the 30-year-old to detail how the loss has affected her. On that form where itted a relation to victim, she wrote self because she's considered the victim under Georgia law. By them sending it to her, I think they're alluding to the fact that really she is the victim. Reporter: Harris writing, I now lived a tortured existence. Noting she lost her job and receiving counselling for depression. Describing her husband as a wonderful father that would not allow harm to come to their son. It's hard to be labelled and victim and be a suspect. Reporter: The d.a.'s office said sending the statement is standard procedure. It is not part of the investigation by police. Harris honored her son on what would have been his birthday over a week ago. Hand crafting this, Reading happy second birthday to our buddy, shared exclusively with ABC books ABC news. I hope they don't charge her. We hope that happens. Reporter: And she continues to stand by her husband, sitting in the courtroom in the last appearance where he was denied bond. And we expect she will be there again for the next court date. The trial date is pending. Ryan smith is back with us for more on this case. We heard the lawyer say that the victim's impact statement could possibly clear the mother of any wrong doing. I would say that's a bit premature. And the prosecutor's mentioned that it was standard procedure. They're trying to get a sense of how this person is impacted by the death of this child. So they need to send it out as part of the investigation. Also if there's a conviction at some point, you want to have that on hand to prepare that side of it. But for her perspective right now, she had some weird behavior. They're not going to file a case based on weird behavior. But at the same time, they're taking their time in the investigation, and it doesn't necessarily mean she won't be charged. Doesn't mean that to be the case. We heard from Amy and the lawyer and from the wife that she is standing by her husband. That has to help his case. Emotionally, it helps, in the courtroom, not sure about that. They're going to base their case on the evidence they have found. The evidence against him. So the fact she stands for him, they don't need her to take the stand in his defense. They have their case together. It will make a difference in the courtroom if a trial happens, but it might not be as strong for his case. The trial date pending. We don't know. Thank you. Thanks. Now to a break in fact

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"Leanna Harris was required to fill out a victim impact statement in the case of her son’s death.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24924975","title":"Mother Identifies Herself As ‘Victim’ in Car Death of Georgia Toddler","url":"/GMA/video/hot-car-death-mother-charged-death-georgia-toddler-24924975"}