Hot New Shoe Trend: Design your Own Shoes

The Sydney based company "Shoes of Prey," allows you to design shoes to fit your personal style.
3:43 | 08/01/14

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Transcript for Hot New Shoe Trend: Design your Own Shoes
Burning up the "Heat index" this morning, a hot trend this summer dying your own shoes. It's something anyone can do, in fact, thousands of women across America have discovered the DIY option of a perfect fit so this gal, Rachel smith, is here to tell us all about it. It is the perfect fit. Good morning, Lara. Good morning, guys. Hey. Do you ever feel like you can't find exactly what you want when you want it when it comes to shopping, well, for instance, shoes. Complete the look of that big job interview for Yo further. And customized couture putting the creative power in your hands. The search for the perfect shoe is over. A hand full of companies letting you design your very own dream shoe. You can design 3 trillion possible shoes. Reporter: Jody fox loves sh shoes. When she couldn't find that perfect pair she decided to make them herself. I did. Great tassel, of course. Fantastic when you're walking. Reporter: Founded Sydney based shoes of prey where anyone can design a custom pair of shoes online. You can be at home in your pajamas and designing a beautiful pair of shoes. Reporter: I set out to create my own pair of perfect shoes. Where do I begin? I settle on a cute wedge, and for that tiny bit of flair. That's kind of amazing. You have a newsprint. We do. In four weeks I will have my own custom shoes, the cost, $220 for something I won't see anywhere else. People want an experience. I think the customization really delivers on that. Reporter: Celebrities on the red carpet, the first lady, princess Kate all love jimmy Choo made famous on "Sex and the city." I love my Choo. Reporter: He's introducing a new program to get the styles. A handful of well loved silhouettes and put on your initial to finish it off. Reporter: Jimmy Choo's made to order service offers 70 different options depending on color, fabric and height in four of their popular styles. So if you're looking for a style investment, you can put your own stamp on a one-of-a-kind pair of jimmys retailing at $750. And there's also new york-based Nina shoes which lets you customize one of 12 styles for just $125. It shows that you have a creative edge that when you walk in a room people go, oh, and that's what it's all about. Reporter: The real fantasy beginning once the design process is over. When that great pair of shoes that only you have arrives in the mail. All right, guy, so I am wearing my custom creation from shoes of prey. Check them out. I'm kind of paying homage to the news industry with a little print action in the back. You chose the color and the black and the news print? Something like a more modest and efficient running an the city when you're on assignment. Ooh, ah. I like that. You got some other shoes here. Tell us about these. Here are Nina shoes. Their custom option. They're a little more -- they're probably a little more on the pricey point. You know, lower end of the spectrum here. Lots of option, 1 different styles to choose from. More or less -- Can you choose a heel size. Yes, ingenious. We have shoes of prey. These are the shoes I am wearing right now. I went with a wedge. Vernice. Those are great. You have complete different styles. And we at the park with P?

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"The Sydney based company \"Shoes of Prey,\" allows you to design shoes to fit your personal style.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24803558","title":"Hot New Shoe Trend: Design your Own Shoes","url":"/GMA/video/hot-shoe-trend-shoes-prey-lets-design-shoes-24803558"}