Houston Astros claim first World Series title

The Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers on the road in Game 7 to take home the World Series trophy for the first time.
4:15 | 11/02/17

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Transcript for Houston Astros claim first World Series title
proof ??? Good morning, Houston. We do not have a problem and Carlos was ready. He had the ring and he was ready and popped the question. Went down on one knee. She said yes. That's the important part. I'd call that a victory for Carlos. Take a look at the locker room after the game. A lot of champagne was flying and in Texas nearly 17,000 fans packed into minute maid park to cheer their team on after a tough year and Houston gets its first world series. Congratulations to you, Michael. Thank you. I had nothing to do with it but I'll take it. "Sports illustrated" called it. Take a look at their cover in 2014. It predicted the Astros would win this year. Absolutely amazing and, of course, they did it and here's a look at the cover they made overnight, MVP George springer is on both of the covers and he's got such a great story and we're going to hear about that and go to T.J. Holmes who is on the field at dodger stadium. Hey, T.J. Did you get some sleep last night? Reporter: I got a little sleep. I assume the Astros did not because what a night it was. Guy, after just four pitches in the game last night, the Astros were up 1-0. After five minutes they were up 2-0. And never looked back. This crowd here of 54,000 was more quiet in here last night with them in here than it's been right when it's empty in here. They had to cheer about for most of the night. They got to see history made but just on the other side with the Astros getting their first ever world series in a world series for the ages. Here's a ground ball, right side, could do it. The Houston Astros are world champions. For the first time in franchise history. Reporter: Finally, the Astros are world series champions for the first time in franchise history. World champions, 2017. Reporter: They pulled off game seven in front of a stunned dodger stadium crowd. 1600 miles away back in Houston, the Astros faithful erupted. It's been a lot going on in Houston. There are no words. We have waited so long for this and now we finally got it. We got our ring. We earned it. Reporter: In a world series that set the all-time record for home runs hit, game seven had only one. Shot into left center field back at the wall, it's gone. Reporter: This shot from Astros outfielder George springer to extend the lead to 5-0 in just the second inning. It was his fifth home run of the series tying the all-time record for most home runs in a world series. I'm so happy for all of our fans who have endured a lot. Reporter: They proudly displayed Houston strong taking up the mantra of their fans who lost everything during hurricane Harvey. The fans embraced us and I mean to be able to do this for them, I mean it's something special. Reporter: And what a night for Astros short stop Carlos Correa who earned his world series ring then immediately gave away another. Will you marry me? Oh, my god. Were you expecting that in any way, shape or form. Absolutely not. This is game seven. All they're thinking about is winning and that's all they think about is baseball so I never imagined him planning something behind this, behind the curtain. Reporter: All he thinks about is baseball, she says of the listen to. He told me, Carlos, that in that ninth inning he was thinking about the proposal while the game is still going on, he had told an attendant if we get these three outs I'll need that ring and need you to bring it to me and he decided to pop the question so he didn't have it on him. A lot of people asked questioned. Would he have still proposed if they lost, no, he would not have. You knew what our follow-up was going to be. Absolutely. Her reaction was natural and great and I was saying it looked like a Ryan gosling movie. It was awesome. Awesome. Thanks, T.J. Thanks so much. I remember the feeling when the St. W saints won the super bowl after Katrina and it gives you that boost. It really is. We're going to turn to that

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{"id":50880566,"title":"Houston Astros claim first World Series title","duration":"4:15","description":"The Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers on the road in Game 7 to take home the World Series trophy for the first time.","url":"/GMA/video/houston-astros-claim-world-series-title-50880566","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}