Imagine Not Sitting Down for an Entire Month

New York magazine article shows one man's journey to improve his health by standing up.
4:16 | 06/09/14

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Transcript for Imagine Not Sitting Down for an Entire Month
Imagine not sitting down for a whole month. That's what the auth of an "New York" magazine said he did to improve his health. ABC's bianna golodryga has the Reporter: For most Americans taking a seat makes up to 60% of her day. Good morning. Reporter: 15 hours of sitting at the who was commuting by car and watching a few hours of television on the couch. But are we sitting ourselves into an early grave? Sitting all day is basically the worst thing that Americans do every day. Reporter: Dan decided to kick his chair to the curb for an entire month and in the new issue of "New York" magazine he chronicles his experience. 30 days of eating meals, working at the office and even Reading bedtime stories to his kids all while standing at attention. Okay, so this idea came to you how? I have wanted for many years to find a way to sort of kick myself out of my rut of being a guy who just goes to work and sits down all day. Reporter: Gave yourself certain allowances. Driving and bathroom, sleeping. Sleeping. Reporter: Kois says the time on his feet helped his health and demeanor. Muscle mass in my calves. I was insanely productive for that entire month and slept really well. Reporter: He said there were some downsides. I was definitely a very grumpy ma I was call in constant chronic pain. Rock star poses to relieve the prt an over the course of 30 days, kois walked more than 92 miles and took more than 8,000 steps per day for a total of more than 240,000 steps that month. Full disclosure I purposely decided for the sake of good television, it would be entertaining to follow his daily routine at home, Reading a book, riding the subway to work and even watching television in the comfort of being seated while asking him to stand. So it's changed your day-to-day behavior. I hope so. I mean I do stand a lot more. Obviously standing up 18 hours a day is not the solution but having a more active lifestyle which I happily have been able to sort of shock myself into really did help. Reporter: For "Good morning America," bianna golodryga, ABC We asked Dr. Richard Besser to stick around and talk more bouthis. Indicates that sitting too much can take years off your life. I yeah, I mean this is really interesting3 re a L of studies people and compole who spend their S S to people who are more active and found prolonged sitting is linked to all kinds of althproblem. Beioverweight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, disease, diabetes, certain types of cancer like colon, breast and cervical and back pain. What's the connection between somuc and Cao- well, it's pretty inteing slows down so you'll put on weight but your insulin levels rise and your body isn't able to use it as well. That insulin can set you up for dibete insulin itself is - a pro of cancer. Yeah yeah, that can promote cancer and what they found was exercising once a day doesn't undo the effect of that long standing? A a year ago I got a standing and I changed really. Y set it up so you're stdng you arms are at the right height ergonomically and monitor is at eye level. It is fantastic. That's a great way to go but even I you don't go to that Ar way you can get ten minutes of standing. What if you go to a job where you don't have a choice. Te minutes of standing in anhou when your phone rings stand have an occasional meeting standing up. The added benefit it will be shorter and the other thing, get up and walk around. You know, W ahe defhelp. Undo some of that. I think that's a smart way to start.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"New York magazine article shows one man's journey to improve his health by standing up.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24053908","title":"Imagine Not Sitting Down for an Entire Month","url":"/GMA/video/imagine-sitting-entire-month-24053908"}