'Ace of Cakes' Makes Inauguration Cake for President Obama

Duff Goldman's Charm City Cakes in Baltimore baked a patriotic cake for the Commander in Chief's Ball.
2:19 | 01/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Ace of Cakes' Makes Inauguration Cake for President Obama
So. You get the call from the White House and all of a sudden they've got a big party that's gonna happen they might -- -- cake. Yeah. He fears that -- we -- it definitely had moments where I answered the phone and hung up the receiver and said oh my -- but nothing compares I mean you've got to a ton of high profile work which -- probably. Without question it. Without question this is the biggest -- I mean it's almost indescribable. That week I just I mean over the -- -- -- is understand. So walking through the process tighten even gets started putting together an inaugural cake. Point -- terms of what -- -- that -- -- -- so. Point in this test on the military and that he agrees to pop up brings comfort -- this skills. And the -- challenge was finding the right balance. Respects. And you know sincerity in this is this bearing you know on occasion. But some party -- -- kind of spotted a good balance of this -- the celebration but this is also a huge steel and you know there. It is very respectful occasion to -- military thinkers extracts so -- -- some of the details on how biggest thing. It's a false nine tears. So on the -- I think it's gonna stand at least -- to allow. And it's it's -- you know what's different elements a lot of parents are all involved and how much the same way a three foot tall K it's hard talent without it being done as we wouldn't we don't know but. -- 40s50 pounds -- it's not kind of thing you bring into the room comes. I'm very great I'm not delivering -- case. So tell me a little. What about the case itself which flavors. We've got several flavors red -- land in -- concede. Pumpkin chocolates and in a little nod to the presidency from -- -- and some -- are all interspersed government. Whatever flavor to president -- for Stanley on Beacon Hill. Back at -- just in case well we are -- -- folks are very skilled they only to have kids they have it looks almost like a Medicare so anything goes on they have everything that that they -- defects but where where where -- that this takes can make that case.

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{"id":18274971,"title":"'Ace of Cakes' Makes Inauguration Cake for President Obama","duration":"2:19","description":"Duff Goldman's Charm City Cakes in Baltimore baked a patriotic cake for the Commander in Chief's Ball.","url":"/GMA/video/inauguration-2013-ace-cakes-bakery-makes-cake-president-18274971","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}