Bateman Hopes Serious Roles Continue After New Flick

Actor joins Paula Patton in discussing their upcoming film, "Disconnect."
3:57 | 04/09/13

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Transcript for Bateman Hopes Serious Roles Continue After New Flick
better because jason bateman and paula patton is here to tell us about "disconnect." It's a film about staying connected in the wired world. Here's a look. All you would have had to do is click on a link and he would have installed a trojan virus on to your system. Now, once he does this, he can do anything he wants with your computer. You log on, you punch in your passwords. It comes up on his screen. Everything you do, he can see. He can turn on your camera. He can watch you. So happy to have them here. Jason and paula, two of the stars of the film and there are so many different story lines. You guys actually don't intersect and I don't want to give too much away. This feels like a thriller. I want to start with you, paula. Your character is going through a lot and the victim of identity theft. Yes. What drew you to this. It was the script. A script I could not put down because it is a thriller and as you watch the movie, you do not foe what's going to happen. No. And there's a surprise at every turn. That's what the first thing, you always want to be in a good film and like the challenge of playing cindy. Like nobody I played before. She's grieving love with her husband but her husband is detached from her. Disconnected. Well done. I get that. I heard what you did. You'll hear it a couple more times. I'll get it in there almost every sentence. It runs in threes. We have two more left. A challenge. Then it was my desire to connect with alex skarsgard so i tried -- oh, well, then our director was somebody that already had watched this film and got nominated for an oscar. This is his first -- yeah, narrative, fiction. Into fiction. Was that appealing to you? It's appealing to be asked -- it's appealing to be -- to work, period, okay. Let's -- the fact that -- made a really good movie ace bonus. This gig this morning is paying pretty well too. I get free water. You know, it's a drama. I don't get asked to do dramas that often and the fact that she was in it. Yeah. Henry was directing and that the script was so great was all sort of gravy. Your character is a disconnected lawyer. You're at two. Thank you very much. You don't piggy back on. All right. There's room for all of us but, seriously, this is such a departure. Your last role in "identity thief" same topic -- this one is less funny. But you can't look away from the film. Do you like going from the comedy -- in a perfe world you get to do a little of each but again you need to be asked so hopefully people like this and I'll get asked for. The concept of this picture and just the fact, do you ever really know who you're communicating with online? That was something I kept thinking about as the movie -- even though there are all these stories that are all connected, were disconnected in -- you're good now. I got it? But it is really a terrig concept. Parents, was that something that you wanted to explory that's tough. Something that I'm going to need to kind of work on my speech. I have my birds and bees speech down ten years earlier than i need it but now I need to get into technology speech. This is riveting and fantastic and you're both great in it. Thanks for coming in and connecting with us. That was good. I liked that one. Thanks very much. Everybody, "disconnect" is out in select theaters on friday, and it is terrific.

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{"id":18913684,"title":"Bateman Hopes Serious Roles Continue After New Flick","duration":"3:57","description":"Actor joins Paula Patton in discussing their upcoming film, \"Disconnect.\"","url":"/GMA/video/jason-bateman-paula-patton-disconnect-interview-actor-hopes-18913684","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}