Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie Discuss Their New Romantic Comedy

The star actors play former lovers who meet by chance in "Sleeping With Other People."
3:54 | 09/08/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie Discuss Their New Romantic Comedy
Jason sudeikis, Alison brie with us this morning. Both star in the romantic comedy "Sleeping with other people" about two former lovers who meet by chance 12 years later and try not to get physical. Take a look. Who wants to learn a dance? Me. Yes. Okay, everybody, go over there. Right there. Naomi, on track 7 of my workout -- Hey, you don't have to do this. It's not your responsibility. Okay, relax. I do this for a living. Also two minutes ago I accepted my body for the first time. That a girl. Looks really funny. Jason, you play kind of a serial cheater but with a heart of gold. Yes. Yes, indeed, yeah. Well said? Very well said. Very nicely put. You know, yeah, he's just a guy who has probably been maybe been hurt by someone sitting next to me, at least the character and has gone on to -- has gone on to woo various other women in the attempt to never get hurt again. That's Jake and hear about Laney. Laney has the opposite problem. She's really just intensely obsessed with one guy, not this guy. At all. Sort of romantically and sexually obsessed with him so that keeps her from having an intermat relationship with anyone else until they reconnect and decide to take sex off the table and then they're able to really -- We got it out of the way. We got secretary out of the way. Now we can get down to the real intimacy. The meat and potatoes of any good relationship. And you both are in great relationships. Congratulations. I couldn't help but notice the sparkler. Yeah. To Dave Franco. Yes. So exciting. Very exciting. And then taking it to the next level with that little delicious boy Otis. Yes, yeah, Olivia and I made a baby. You made a beautiful baby. We slept with one another. He does taste great. Can we see that video? Yeah, please. I brought -- The kid's got moves. Dancing to bob Marley. Just standing in front of a speaker working I guess a little bit. I'm not quite sure. Is that twerking? S Dancing his little brains out. There he is. How great is fatherhood? It's pre in 2024. I'm not going to step on Kanye's thunder. Please. Is that the term, step on his thunder? Yeah, 2020, it's a done deal. We've been walking around -- this whole weekend just screaming Kanye 2020. Kanye, yes. When not promoting the film. Written on my body underneath the clothes. Just in case. It's been for years now. For years? Finally it's coming to fruition so -- That'll be your impersonation. The tattoo is not going anywhere. Great to see you. Great seeing. Our love to Olivia and congratulations again and the movie is really, really great. Everybody, it's called "Sleeping with other people." It opens nationwide -- it really is a romantic comedy and opens nationwide on Friday. Thank you, guys and coming up

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{"id":33600084,"title":"Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie Discuss Their New Romantic Comedy","duration":"3:54","description":"The star actors play former lovers who meet by chance in \"Sleeping With Other People.\"","url":"/GMA/video/jason-sudeikis-alison-brie-discuss-romantic-comedy-33600084","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}