Jay Z, Sister-In-Law Fight Caught on Elevator Security Cam

Elevator security footage captured Jay Z's heated altercation with Beyonce's sister, Solange Knowles.
4:15 | 05/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jay Z, Sister-In-Law Fight Caught on Elevator Security Cam
Also ahead, this video. You've probably seen it. It's making the rounds. It's surveillance video, showing beyonce's sister, Solange, attacking brother-in-law, jay Z, on an elevator. It's making headlines around the world. After the met, the half-party. And a bombshell so late in the Oscar Pistorius trial. Why a prosecutor is asking now for a psychiatric evaluation. And the growing mystery right now. Where in the world is radio legend Casey kasem? The children and a judge want to know. To the jay Z family drama caught on camera. A source confirming to ABC, that the superstar and the sister-in-law, Solange Knowles, were in an altercation in an elevator last week. And Paul Ra ferris joins us from social square with the story. Reporter: It seems everyone is talking about this right now. No surprise that hash tags are trending on social media. What jay Z said to Solange, to where is Sasha fierce? Jay Z and beyonce, all-smiles and courtside Sunday night, seemingly unaffected by this leaked videotape, showing beyond beyonce's sister, Solange, attacking jay Z. The power couple strutting like this. But a source confirms to ABC news, this is how it ended. The video obtained by TMZ, was surveillance video, recorded in the elevator at the standard hotel, where met gala a-listers gathered for an afterparty. Watch as the elevator doors open. Beyonce and Solange with jay Z behind. Solange starts hitting and kicking jay Z. Seen here as her purse goes flying. A man thought to be a bodyguard jobs Solange, attempting to hold her back. At one point jay Z grabs her foot, attempting to stop the attack. Caught in the middle of the family feud, beyonce. At one point, standing between the two. It's not the kind of thing we've seen associated with jay Z and beyonce before. They have squeaky-clean images. That's what makes it surprising and bizarre. Reporter: For the next three minutes, it continues. Watch as the bodyguard, wheel pressing the emergency switch to stop the elevator, standing between the two. The bodyguard, pushing her back before giving her back the purse she lost earlier. She promptly uses it to start hitting her brother-in-law again, before throwing it at him. The story is trending aggressively on social media. And by not having the parties involved to discuss it or tweeting about it, it's raising more questions than answering. Reporter: Finally, all three emerge. Solange looking sullen. But no hint of what went on moments before. The sisters are escorted to a waiting car. Jay Z to another. A look at the hash tags right now. The hotel says they're shocked and disappointed about the breach of security. We reached out to all involved. No one is commenting. 48 hours later, beyonce posting this prayer on her instagram account. Saying she releases all of her relationship to you, god. And Mems have exploded online. It's on the run from sew long tour. And jay Z's 100th problem. Everyone wants to know what brought this on in the first place. They were at the game last night. It's fascinating to watch beyonce through the whole tape. There's no audio on the tape. That's what is creating speculation. If you could hear what was going on, people might be tuned into who's happening. I thought beyonce's reaction was stunning. It will be interesting to see if one of them comes forward. Does that clear it up? Or does it perpetuate the stories? It's not going away. We switch gears now and get the latest on Oscar Pistorius. A surprising battle opening up in the trial, rising the suspect

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{"id":23693311,"title":"Jay Z, Sister-In-Law Fight Caught on Elevator Security Cam","duration":"4:15","description":"Elevator security footage captured Jay Z's heated altercation with Beyonce's sister, Solange Knowles.","url":"/GMA/video/jay-elevator-fight-99-problems-stepsister-23693311","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}