Jennifer Lawrence's Wild Night Out In New York City

ABC News' Sara Haines has the latest in the "Pop News" midday buzz.
3:39 | 06/25/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jennifer Lawrence's Wild Night Out In New York City
Good afternoon I'm scary scenes and you know what time is. Here are top five story (%expletive) online right now. Coming in at number five new proof that Kate Lott is the most awesome celebrity on the plan LP hilarious photos from our wild night out in New York City. Meeting the glamorous and delicious rexrodt no clue win. Chopsticks in. The start is clearly a goofy news coming up cameras with a gal pal and a very good looking bodyguard. And did he make you and me being here. Really amazing I mean. You're so it looks like she is that we machine here at locked call me need to be best friends. He was. Coming and it never art get ready to break out the synthesizer Chariots of Fire is getting equal. In case you need a refresher me you work born yet the Oscar winning 1981 film. Gave us one of the most memorable scenes and songs of all time. With eye of the tiger that song you best want to run. The unofficial sequel will be called the last race and it will start justifying that apparently now the real light went Ian. And coming in at number three chamber of secret it's. That's OK. Rowling is feeling never before heard information about some of our favorite Harry Potter characters in a post on her website hotter more. After revealing that the impact it gets his first name from the color red and outlets stumble toward first meanest right from the Latin word for white. Together they make up the ideal father figure Carrey has never cat. Hybrid eight K color red is warm practical and wild wild Dumbledore eight K eight other white. Is impressive intellectual and somewhat detached. Some heartwarming in bode es arm bubble struggles and tell Rowling's next magical movies and tactical beasts and where to find them comes out next year. Coming in at number two Chicago has been in white known is not known online as Jack and Jill and jail is Jack as well. Are going viral for their school areas work out. We they're gone there's no dead let's cities that it's all about the dog. With there ever so patient or legged friend recently. From line is to push up there is nothingness. It team in T. Two million views on a book in town bodies to be great work guys just want to warn you that that's what politics while. Coming in at number line. You know that saying boys will be boys well it was never more true examined it in with this next guy. A prankster who lead to surprise his. All over and over and over again clearly committed to the cod compiling more than ten years yes you heard me right. We're and that that's geared for the ultimate in units. Statement and only on well after all that torture and my mom when loved that sort. These your originated in April more hot news tomorrow for ABC news I'm Eric scenes in New York. Every day.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"ABC News' Sara Haines has the latest in the \"Pop News\" midday buzz.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32033143","title":"Jennifer Lawrence's Wild Night Out In New York City","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-lawrences-wild-night-york-city-32033143"}