Former 'Jeopardy' Contestant Charged in Beating

Ivy League graduate Claire Ogilvie allegedly attacked the wife of a politician.
2:22 | 08/21/14

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Transcript for Former 'Jeopardy' Contestant Charged in Beating
the bizarre story of an ivy league educated woman and former "Jeopardy" contestant charged with beating a politician's wife. Claire Ogilvie had become obsessed with the family and trouble broke out. Linsey Davis has the story. Reporter: A lot scratching their hides on this. She was a know it all when it came to answering trivia but this morning one big question remains unanswered, why did this former ivy league grad who not only competed on "Jeopardy" but also "Who wants to be a millionaire?" Allegedly attack a woman who's been described as a close family friend? Claire? What is love? The only jeopardy Claire Ogilvie is facing this morning is the legal kind. Far cry from her days competing on game shows. You said who is Fidel castroey you are right. Reporter: Ogilvie is awaiting trial on charges she broke into the home of Virginia state lawmaker David Toscano and viciously assaulted his wife Nancy tramontin. Court documents allege Ogilvie, a former patent attorney and high school teacher snuck into the home in February orred with a deadly weapon. She's now in jail charged with breaking and entering while armed, abduction and malicious wounding with the intent to maim, disfigure, disable or kill. So far Ogilvie has not entered a plea. Her attorney declining bail. There are reasons, you know, every case is different. This is a case where we felt that it was in our best interest also not to ask for bond. Reporter: In a written statement to the "Charlottesville daily progress" represent reps say she met them on a sea cruise in 2010 where the Yale grad was tutoring their son and they remained friends but according to the statement, in 2012 Nancy became concerned that Ms. Ogilvie had developed an unsettling interest in the Toscano family and the family reduced their contact beginning in the early summer and saw her for the last time in fall of 2012. Experts say that may be what caused Ogilvie to allegedly act out. It's a pattern they've seen before. It's very common in stalking when the stalker feels rejected that's often when they will turn to violence. Reporter: Attorneys for both parties declined ABC news' request for comment and prosecutors say until Ogilvie's hearing on September 17th, the record will remain sealed. You can't help but think there's a lot more going on. Thanks. Now to the late Anna Nicole

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{"id":25065386,"title":"Former 'Jeopardy' Contestant Charged in Beating","duration":"2:22","description":"Ivy League graduate Claire Ogilvie allegedly attacked the wife of a politician.","url":"/GMA/video/jeopardy-contestant-claire-ogilvie-charged-beating-25065386","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}